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Sanremo 2024 co-hosts know of "normality"

No need to surprise for Amadeus this year. Alongside him there will be regular artists, as usual as being a successful artist.


Amadeus seems more and more confident. So much so that he can build an edition of the Sanremo Festival that he must not grab the goodwill of anyone. This year there are no thematic strands that the press could ride in the days, indeed in the months before the event.

No controversy about butterflies or digital entrepreneurs (of cats to be peeled about, I know they already have enough), no portrait, gossip or mystery about young valets from distant worlds, that, deservedly or not, would be ready to ride the most famous stage in Italy

This year we only talked about music on pre-festival days and there is nothing more wonderfully normal. These days the normal word would deserve at least a Pulitzer and instead content producers are always there looking for something amazing to put online. 

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The lack of care in the product is often obscured by the chatter that can be generated on the product itself. It is not important the structure or the objective of a television program, but the noise that the protagonists generate, often chosen by broadcasters only proportionally to this. 

Amadeus, probably tired of putting kilos of powdered sugar on an ugly cake to make it look nice, did not bet on the diabetic coma but simply on those who considered it valid

At his side for the 74th edition of Sanremo we find 5 normal and solid artists, arrived at a career level such that they can, hopefully, bring depth on the stage of the Ariston. 

Fiorello, always a friend, was expected. Then there is Marco Mengoni winner with Due Vite of the last edition, who will pass the crown to the next Italian artist of the year. 

Everything else is not boredom but women, finally. Giorgia and Lorella Cuccarini represent the share of musical entertainment and dancing. Hope is that they perform with what they really know how to do and not with monologues full of cumbersome words. 

Finally Teresa Mannino, Sicilian comedian, 53 years old. From her we expect truth, which can often be said only smiling and, in this historical moment there is really so much need for truth. 

The assumptions are there. How will the audience react?

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios