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Amadeus vows not to leave the Sanremo Festival for political reasons: but who will be in charge of the next editions?

We imagined who might like whom, before telling that will really happen.


The Sanremo Festival for a television presenter is the equivalent of the Champions League for a footballer. The first to conduct the dances was Nunzio Filogamo in January 1951, then the show was not yet held at the Ariston Theatre but at the Salone delle Carte of the Sanremo Casino. 

From that moment on a succession of faces, to today more or less known, to carry on the festival of Italian song par excellence that now has 74 years. Among the milestones emerge names such as Pippo Baudo, Mike Bongiorno, Claudio Cecchetto, Paolo Bonolis, Gianni Morandi, Carlo Conti, Fabio Fazio and finally, from 2020, Amadeus

Thanks to Sanremo, Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani, has become truly loved by the general public. After his debut in the 80s years on Radio Deejay, conducting the Festivalbar and various quizzes in Mediaset, in the 90s he landed in Rai. 

In the state network the program that created that special bond between the conductor and the spectator was L'Eredità, which, for the record, for Amadeus was also a bulwark of his love affair with his current wife Giovanna Civitillo. 

ùAfter The Inheritance came Soliti Ignoti, Tale e quale show, L’Anno che verrà and who has more put. To date it is difficult to keep track of how many programs Amadeus conducts. The only certainty is that this will be the last year in which we will see him to present the Sanremo Festival

His was a breath of fresh air for the event that after several attempts, between the intellectual but boring Fazio and the wannabe funny trio of Baglioni-Bisio-Raffaele in 2019, found a figure that involves all audiences. Not a small thing. 

But the time of Amadeus now comes to an end and to the Messaggero, stated a few days ago that it is not because of political motives as is rumored. Whatever the real reason, everyone is wondering: who will be leading from now on?

We tried to think about who could be up to the stage, but above all, the wishes of the various groups of Italian and Italian. 

Kim Rossi Stuart and Concita de Gregorio for the radical chic

It is certainly a utopian extremity even if the government suffered from bipolarism, but no doubt a small part of the population would be satisfied. It would start with a nice monologue on equality and you would end up at 21:00 not to pollute too much with the lights of the set. Not bad, everyone would have slept already. The singers? One too many frills. 

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Berrettini and Argentero for those who do not give up beauty 

TikTok would be on fire, other than Chiara Ferragni’s Ariston selfies. After years of veils and valets, the housewife of Voghera would have a revenge on her husband and the world would turn upside down. The singers? Not least: Tananai, Mahmood and Tommaso Paradiso.

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Francesca Fagnani and Emanuela Fanelli for those who want more women on stage

If with the previous option the world seemed on the contrary, the idea of two women conducting the Festival, to date, would be, alas, a real nonsense. The sagacity of one and the irony of the other would create a unique mix, able to expertly enhance every artist in the race. The singers? Madame, Annalisa and Calcutta. 

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Alessandro Cattelan and Gianluca Gazzoli for the new that advances

Directly from the radio, podcasts and free television it would be interesting to see two new faces at the festival, it goes without saying, and see how even the historical public could react. After the work of Amadeus the need is to take a step forward, so as not to remain mired in a progress that now has 4 years. The singers? Lazza, Angelina Mango and Alfa.

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Teo Mammuccari for those who deny the existence of patriarchy (without co-leader for the same reason)

"Patriarchy does not exist", "even women are violent with men", "they want to make ethnic substitution with all these foreigners", are just some of the phrases that the average Italian man pronounces almost daily. He feels reassured, in the evening after work on the sofa and in front of the television, by beaker scenes.

His favorite that sometimes goes to search on YouTube? Flavia Vento as a valet in Libero, in the 2000s, set like a precious bare diamond inside the conductor’s coffee table.

Teo Mammuccari of such experiences counts several and therefore is perfect for this kind of target. Singers? Andrea Bocelli, Al Bano and Povia.

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Of tomorrow there is no certainty, except that: "conducts the orchestra master Beppe Vessicchio"



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios