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We asked an accountant how Chiara Ferragni could have been saved

The encyclopedia Treccani defines Influencer as: "Successful character, popular in social networks and in general much followed by the media, which is able to influence the behavior and choices of a certain audience".


I do not know the personal and professional history of Chiara Ferragni and I am not able to know why she became a successful character

It is very popular on social networks and is able to influence the behaviors and choices of a particular audience. More than vast, almost undefined. 

The articles published in recent years in the financial newspapers describe the entrepreneur Ferragni as an Italian influencer that has effects even on the stock markets allowing companies that close with its companies license contracts and brand to fly to Piazza Affari.   

This entrepreneurial success has made it possible for its companies to close growing balance sheets with profits and substantial liquidity. The rosy economic prospects of the companies of the group have aroused strong interests of some investment funds ready to enter the Fenice of Chiara Ferragni, company owner of the rights of exploitation of the entrepreneur’s brand.

Economic success and success in "social" They culminated with a meeting with the life senator Liliana Segre who had expressed the desire to receive the digital entrepreneur at the Shoah Memorial in Milan to draw the attention of young people to the theme of memory. 

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All companies need factors of production to produce revenues. Traditionally and synthetically goods for commercial enterprises, machinery and equipment for manufacturing enterprises, human capital for service enterprises. 

What is the main factor of production of revenues for the "enterprise" Chiara Ferragni? 

The answer is complex and articulate. And maybe I don’t know how to give it in a complete way. However, I believe that Chiara Ferragni is able to produce revenues because, as Treccani writes, "she is able to influence the behaviour and choices of a particular audience". At the base of this ability to influence there is a fundamental element that holds all the economic and patrimonial accounts; to be credible for the followers to whom one turns. It is the most intangible of intangible assets.    

Turning to the recent issues that have involved her, starting with the investigation into the Balocco pandoro and then continuing with the unilateral withdrawal by Safilo and Coca-Cola, as stated by the same entrepreneur, the investigation of the judiciary will take its course. The results will be results of a procedural nature with any judgments that will affirm a procedural truth.

Ferragni immediately recognized his responsibilities by stating that he had acted in good faith. To be able to judge in the specific case it is necessary to have complete knowledge of the events and cards. Having therefore only read the articles published in the press, the only consideration I have to make, as a professional, refers to a possible unsatisfactory suitability of the organizational arrangements of the business group

In the sense that probably a more adequate organization of the group of companies, headed by Chiara Ferragni, would have allowed the entrepreneur to show in a direct and immediate way her good faith. I am referring to the opportunity to segregate, in the context of revenue, flows arising from charitable activities from purely commercial activities. 

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Un post condiviso da Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni)

In these cases, the creation of an ETS could be useful, for example, a Foundation that would have made it possible, in this case, to merge the revenue received by the influencer by Balocco, into the institutional revenue intended for charitable purposes. 

In this way, by managing revenue placed at the service of activities of social utility, the representation of the business group as a whole towards third parties is promoted more effectively and immediately. In the present case, in particular, to its followers. 



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios