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The TV of revenge

At the dawn of satellite TV, about 25 years ago, in Japan was born an Aquarium Channel, which broadcast 24h framing only an aquarium with a fixed chamber, presenting the various species of fish existing in the world, from goldfish to sharks, in a two-hour slot. In those years the sale of aquariums was a hundredfold in the world


There’s genius in showing up for the first date on “Viva Rai2!”, five minutes in advance, which on television are equivalent to eternity, framing with fixed camera the new technostructure or cage, accompanied by the music of the interval, with bystanders moving slow as sheep, creating an aquarium effect. There is genius in inventing an outdoor theater, not the usual bar, with a stage on the roof for the performance of the singing guests (watch out for the rain).

As well as there is genius and could not be otherwise, in the strike three lightning beats to the imprint, such as: Renzi and Calenda as the Jalisse (they do nothing for 26 years), The Cousins of Campaign are the old Maneskin and “There is the little one of Trieste?” referred to Enrico Mentana, in liaison with Francesca Fagnani. As always it is the goliardia the figure of Fiorello: acute, intelligent, never vulgar and always self-deprecating.

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The limit lies in the risk of transhipping (the initials of Jovanotti and the catchphrase Viva Rai2) for lack of a good shoulder; as well as Totò had Mario Castellani, Walter Chiari had Carlo Campanini and finally Maurizio Crozza has Andrea Zalone, Fiore after Marco Baldini no longer had a shoulder that could keep up with the speed of his thinking.

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From here comes the modest proposal of a duet not singing, ... that as far as... , with a mythical character and that suddenly appears in connection as a purple rose of Cairo, with the face of Mina. Other than shoulder, would be a meeting between titans, would be a daily bath full of intelligence and wit, a florilegio of jokes and “sentences of Cassation” ; would transform the content of a household appliance in a work of Contemporary Art, because it is “the thought what matters” !

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But optimism is the bitter cup reserved for the naive, so it is highly unlikely that Cip and Ciop (Fiorello dixit), aka CEO and Director of Entertainment of Rai, are able to devise and manage a combination of this cultural scope.

On the other hand it was depressing for the entire Company, the surrender of the CEO in front of the raving protest statement, for the arrival of Fiore on Rai, the TG1 cdr and the following statement of solidarity by USIGRAI, the great barony of Italian journalism. “A scar at the work of journalists” was written, as if they were not part of a company that still needs to invoice to keep them all 1,500 or so; children, benefits and “car installment” included!

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But once again the genius of Fiore came to the rescue of the Company, instead of being offended and send everyone to that country (which most of us would have done), he posed the challenge going to challenge the sections of the TG1 blasonate, on Rai2.

For the director of TG1, Monica Maggioni the result was devastating: “Viva Rai2!” got a 14.1% share, with 683,000 spectators. Results that Rai2 didn’t get for more than ten years.

You know: revenge is a dish that you eat cold!