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The gossip we can’t live without

From Ratajkowski to Italian Beckhams, we go through the life of the famous to spend time of poor quality but of great pleasure


The fact that gossip is something to be read at the hairdresser’s only remains an old legend. Gossip is politics. We are seeing it in these months with the Chiara Ferragni case. A law with the name of an influencer? It would have been impossible even a few months ago.

The historical weekly Chi by Mondadori mobilizes a million and a half readers per year, as well as the site Dagospia, which already in 2018, according to, began to have much more faithful than or Some milestones, then. 

The point is not which newspaper sells more (though interesting topic) but the reason for the sales. According to Robin Dunbar, anthropologist at the University of Oxford, gossip is necessary to create social ties and is similar to the attitude of primates and hominids when sifting through each other. Fleas that in this case are made in private to celebrity darlings, in the last year they seem to focus almost exclusively on divorces

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Not that divorce is new, indeed, it is since 1970 that it is possible to consume it (thank goodness). But the attention that the media has recently given to this phenomenon is particular, or perhaps it is particular how the protagonists of the scoops are managing the end of their marriages

In July 2022, everyone wondered how it was possible that Sebastian Bear-McClard had betrayed the world’s erotic dream Emily Ratajkowski. Yet it happened and the two broke up. After the event, she became a "normal" woman and for this she gained further acclaim. Him? I don’t know. 

Also in 2022, thanks to a jar of jam, Shakira became aware of the betrayals by her husband Gerard Piqué. After the event, she churned out a music hit from millions of streaming "Music Sessions #53". He did some commercials because of the song.

A year later, on the stage of the Artiston, begins the crisis between Ferragni and Fedez. After the kiss of him and Rosa Chemical. A new season of The Ferragnez, several social crises and a lawsuit cause pandoro after, in 2024 the divorce of the Italian royal couple is imminent. None of them has denied it. To understand what one has gained and what the other must wait. 

2022 was also the year of the separation between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti. It seemed impossible and instead we learned that nothing can be taken for granted. Even the Italian Beckhams. All that has emerged from this divorce is history, who knows why even to them have not yet entitled a law. 

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First the magazines and the accusation of Blasi to the press during an interview in the living room of her friend Toffanin, then the confirmation of the betrayal. She is a volcano of projects, a perfect Kris Jenner who monetizes her vulnerabilities with a conscious lightness. First Unica on Netflix and for some time What a stupid, the first book (and she also swears the last) of the host Mediaset. He, I don’t know.

What a fool he is but a Unica with a few more details. The solution for those who wanted the documentary to become serious, for lovers of details, for those nostalgic of the story of the first appointment with the sketchy Ferrari, for those who want to know how many times her wedding dress has been retouched because of the first pregnancy and much more. 

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A book read at the speed of light by the voice of Ilary Blasi. With the certainty of spending time of very poor quality but of great pleasure. Isn’t that the gossip?



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios