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The only time (and hopefully not the last) that Ilary Blasi is only Ilary Blasi

The betrayal, the Romanity, the revenge. Everything you need to know about the documentary on the separation of Totti and Ilary.

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The Unica trailer went online shortly before the full version. Maybe Netflix knew too. With the heart of the Romans you do not play: they would not have held up the wait.

The sunset of such an iconic couple is what, latinizzando, since it is the capital you talk, you can define res publica. Everybody had a right to know. Everybody wanted Ilary’s point of view. Everybody had a field day. 

Here, then, is a modest analysis of Netflix’s top 10 content.

Gossip time 

It’s one of the most coveted Netflix documentaries by Italians. Who says the opposite. Is the need cathartic or cultural? We are used to a kind of information that invades the private life of public figures, even when it should not.

Just think of the epilogue of the story Meloni - Giambruno. Giorgia Meloni as Prime Minister could be discussed for many other reasons, yet Italians like to stay in the middle. Like the parsley. 

Is it possible that gossip is our favorite food? Definitely yes. 


During the documentary there is an interesting and unpublished description of Rome. For the first time (beyond political issues) the city is depicted as homesick. Rome has always been told how an open, lively and noisy metropolis becomes silent and calculating.


"Tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. we go to a shop in Milan. So you wash your oily hair, I don’t wash it, she washes it". Ilary Blasi makes the interviewer listen to some voice memos exchanged with her hairdresser friend, Alessia. One of the highlights of the story is immersed in the oil of the hair

An engaging popular Roman style that is impossible to resist. Too bad it lasts a blink of an eye and everything else is instead an explanation in an almost impeccable diction. 

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The italian royal family

"Everyone knew and nobody spoke". It was unthinkable to get in the middle of such an important family. This is the concept on which Ilary Blasi pushes during his "confessional". Talking about the Blasi - Totti family as a piece of furniture so ancient, precious and symbolic that it cannot be dusted. To avoid any cracks. 

Before Ferragnez, in fact, Totti and Ilary represented a point of reference, a certainty, an inspiration. For a certain type of audience it means... but maybe also for someone else. 

Totti and Ilary and never Ilary and Totti

Despite the countless performances and prime time programs and share spikes, Blasi before Unica had never really managed to untie herself from the figure of Totti. 

Ilary, who also used some stages as a defense court for the couple (see the case of Fabrizio Corona at Big Brother), never had a stage just for himself. 

Neither of us has ever mentioned the couple in the following order: Ilary and Totti

Husbands who abandon the couple when wives succeed

There are women who by deification we would never imagine betrayed. Emily Ratajkowski, Beyoncé, Shakira, Ilary Blasi. We are used to seeing them at the peak of a career that never oscillates, in a dazzling, ineffable form. Figures so positive to obsess. The partners, of course. 

And it happens that the men at their side when they realize that the partner is "leaving them behind" begin to feel inadequate. With a tragicomic leap, they jump into unknown but calmer waters. To feel themselves masters of the situation again?

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The story of the media: "The champion and the ex letterina"

Ilary tells how, after the first rumors about Noemi and Francesco, she lashed out against media and paparazzi, leaving diplomacy at home. Although the newspapers were telling something true, they forgot the balance in the adjectives attached to the protagonists of the story.

As he became a champion, she remained the former letter. Like it or not, Ilary Blasi is now able to keep almost 4 million Italians glued in front of the screen.

The Queen’s Revenge

Revenge is a dish that should be served cold. And this is another lesson that the new queen of Rome has confirmed. Never an unexpected statement, never a word out of place. In more than a year, Ilary has only given herself an ironic story on Instagram in front of a showcase of the Rolex brand. Nothing more. 

He was preparing the bomb. And it seems that no one, at least for the moment, wants to defuse it.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios