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Toto Sanremo 2024

Who will win this year? Many seem to agree.


"Sanremo is Sanremo" and since Amadeus, in the style of chairman of the council, announces the singers start the predictions but not only. They all become music experts, stylists and conductors. 

Sanremo unites Italians more than Christmas Eve. There are those who organize dinners and listening groups, who live abroad and despite the time difference and thanks to technology manages his day according to the Festival and there are those who even bet as if the singers were horses. 

This year there are 30 artists, a number that already makes you think that at the time of the sweet race will not even be halfway, 27 are the "big" and 3 "young". The nostalgic will be satisfied listening to the Rich and Poor, Fiorella Mannoia, Renga paired with Nek and Bertè, while the younger will be satisfied by the presence of Angelina Mango, Geolier, Sangiovanni, Big Mama, with an Amadeus is always very attentive to the ranking and fashionable tastes. 

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So who’s the favorite? 

Bookmakers have pointed out that Annalisa, Alessandra Amoroso, Geolier and Angelina Mango have an advantage. A podium almost all female. 

One thing is certain: the television set list that will mark the artists' performances will make the difference because as the eyelid falls there is no remedy and many will be destined to perform while half of Italy will have the bubble in the nose. Yes, during the first evening all the singers will perform. More than a festival it seems a mass kidnapping. Obviously you will have to endure all the evenings with outbuildings and connected, but for those who love San Remo this is granted. 

In recent days Fanpage has asked artificial intelligence to draw up the ranking of the top 10 that sees Annalisa in eighth place, Big Mama in fourth then The Kolors, Geolier and decrees winner Angelina Mango. 

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On the sites that advise who to include in the Fantasanremo favorites are always the usual Annalisa and Geolier the Amorous and Angelina Mango. And Mahmood? He told Raiplay that he would participate every year in Sanremo because for him it is a way to reveal new sides of himself, of his music and with the piece he will present this year he will tell us a new face of his musical world. 

And Emma? "I’m going to blow your mind", she said on Instagram.

Surely there will be surprises, surely there will be controversy and twists. Many downtime and as many yawns are expected.

I wonder if someone will do something a little less banal like a kiss between two men and if they will face less obvious themes than the fact that war is a bad thing. Who knows if this Sanremo will be remembered for something really significant and more important if a song will be born that will make the history of Italian music and maybe not only. I wonder if we could really say that Sanremo is Sanremo. 

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Here the list of Acrimony’s top 10 in random order, just to do something different. 

Annalisa, Angelina Mango, Geolier, Mahmood, Big Mama, Santi Francesi, Loredana Bertè, Alessandra Amoroso, Diodato,  Ghali. 

They will receive one of these awards in random order (best text, best music composition, critics' award):  Bertè, Angelina Mango and Fiorella Mannoia. 

At Acrimonia, we give a prize for patience to the Jalisse, who for the 27th time in a row have been discarded from the list of Big in the race. 

Good Sanremo to all.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios