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Skincare: reality VS expectations

"We could finally begin to take care of ourselves and our skin without telling lies"


What are our expectations on skincare? The spirit with which we are going to religiously apply our face products day after day, evening after evening?

I ask myself this question very often, because my mood, for example, has changed a lot over the years. It also changes from day to day, but basically my approach now remains the same. I do it to take care of the largest organ I have: my skin.

But that wasn't always the case.

I'll start by saying that the more you get older, the more comforting it becomes to read about new and revolutionary ingredients, about skincare products that will change our lives.

There is always a claim that promises a new cosmetic ingredient capable of doing miracles, this time really. These thundering promises act as a magnifying mirror for all of our already enormous expectations, reinforcing our secret hopes: but often they do just that. We apply a product in the evening, expecting who knows what incredible effect in the morning, with the result of often feeling disappointed.

Precisely by virtue of the tacit mutual agreement between us and marketing, over the years we have accepted that we were told about everything. Even mascara ads where the model wears false lashes. Even a teen supermodel as the face of an anti wrinkle cream.

But what can we do then?

My advice is this: we could finally begin to take care of ourselves and our skin without telling lies, which can disappoint our (at this point) enormous expectations. Does this mean giving up skincare? Quite the opposite! This means embracing exactly what skincare was born for: taking care of our skin, its health and well-being.

And this is exactly what I like about many independent and sustainable brands: they have understood the futility of making pompous promises. Their goal is simple and clear: to nourish, hydrate, cleanse, soothe. These are after all the real needs of our skin.

In fact, today we are talking about the Ava Natural Skincare brand, a small skincare brand that focuses on organic and naturally sourced ingredients.

What does natural mean here?

For Eva, the founder of the brand, what we put on our skin is equivalent to what we put in our body, which in turn is equivalent to what we put into the surrounding environment. Our body is not an abstract entity detached from its surroundings, but rather it is completely immersed in the surrounding environment, which we cannot ignore. All of us are first of all part of a community and our choices impact not only on our life, but also on the life of others.

AVA products are free from synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives and PEGs. The brand's philosophy is rooted in conscious choices: we should be more aware of what we put on our skin and which and how many products we use, because we often end up polluting our body and the environment without even realizing it. AVA's goal is on its part to help change this habit, trying to increase awareness of our behaviors, precisely as part of a larger community than our individual lives.

I discovered AVA on The Indie Beauty Shop, an e-commerce of skincare and personal care products that offers a highly refined selection of independent brands that focus on sustainability and the extensive use of natural resources and ingredients.

On The Indie Beauty Shop you will find a selection of AVA products, which includes two of their face creams: an intensive face cream for mature skin, which acts on nourishment and oxidation and a moisturizing day cream with macadamia oil, which helps to maintain the correct level of hydration during the hours. The latter is perfect for normal or dry skin, for those who love a glowy effect moisturizer and also for those who prefer to use it in the evening, thanks to its creamy and rich texture, but at the same time soft and moisturizing.

I also like to apply it on the neck and décolleté, or also use it as a nourishing and moisturizing mask, applying a more abundant dose and leaving it on for half an hour while I work on the computer. The versatility of these products is undoubtedly their strong point and also the fact that they easily find a place in everyone's skincare, thanks to their non-aggressive formulas designed to protect and moisturize.

On The Indie Beauty Shop we can also find the inevitable nourishing hand cream, a timeless classic especially in our last year, essential for protecting the skin of our hands from the action of sanitizers.


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