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Carb-craving situations

Potential scenarios in which carbohydrate does not solve problems, but a helping hand willingly gives


Everyone, at least once in their life, has dealt with a mild form of carb-craving, the uncontrollable urge for carbohydrates. A relentless instinct starts from the hypothalamus and crashes into the salivary glands, starting a salivary production worthy of a now illegal puppy yoga class. Immediately in the mind take shape sweet and savory baked goods, pasta dishes, that sandwich you saw in the window, back from the office. The reaction is immediate: you head to the pantry, ready to rob it or put on water; in the most acute attacks you are already on the first delivery app available.

From the first bite, here comes that feeling of well-being and contentment, a kind of warm embrace, tomato and crunchy if we are dealing with a slice of pizza. All thanks to the magical serotonin, the hormone of well-being regulated by insulin, in turn responsible for the absorption of sugars (name less catchy to indicate carbohydrates). Closed the Superquark bracket, what are the situations like that trigger carb-craving?

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The after office sdigiunino

Before baked goods, you developed a dependence on video of chef Giorgione at the market. It’s 6pm, the day was bad and the holidays you booked are still too far away. On the way home you enter a supermarket, direction gastronomy department: a pound of prosciutto, a mozzarella and white crispy pizza, just like the Vate teaches. Assemble the sandwich in the living room, you can not even wait to remove the shoes: at the first bite the holidays seem closer and the day did not go so bad. You want to clean your pizza grease with the regimental but you still have a shred of clarity.

The post-gym dirty-conscience aperitif

You’re done with your workout session, with a story and playlist shared on Instagram. Maybe it’s Monday, you’re more proud than usual because you’ve disposed of the unknown number of cocktails on Saturday night: your conscience is spotless now. Your fellow crossfit ask you to join a post workout aperitif: you already know that you can not say no to too many grissini and pizzas that accompany the platter of meats and cheeses. Agree to get lost in carbohydrates: Wednesday you will return to the squat, looking for absolution from the barbell.

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The smart working, within reach of the fridge

That smart working is not all roses, we understand. The distractions are around the corner, under the dreaded name of "housework": it is a moment that, between a call and the other, we run away from a washing machine or the change of cat litter. Just when the concentration has regained, here is that packet of moribund nachos, waiting for the fatal blow in the furniture of crap, takes shape in the mind. A matter of lightning gestures: microphone and video off, shooting towards the kitchen, unpacking and crunk paradise, of those that only a handful of chips in the mouth can give. A matter of seconds and, once back at the desk, you already know that that gesture will be repeated at least another ten times: taking the bag near the computer would not have the same taste.

Family lunch and uncomfortable questions

"When are you getting married?" "When are you having a grandchild?" "What about the boyfriend?" Whether it’s the communion of the cousin you can’t stand or Christmas Eve, the family lunch is the moment when you don’t miss the opportunity to throw anxiety to those approaching 30. In the crossfire of uncles and grandparents, you just have to take refuge in the brick of baked pasta: just the scent of the sauce to enter a muffled silence, without shaking, aware that the carbohydrate will do its job. By the time they start talking again, towards the coffee, you will have collapsed on the sofa waiting for the salvific abbiocco.

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When the spirit suffers, the body must not suffer.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios