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This year Valentine’s Day is celebrated late

Why celebrate February 14? Better to seasonal a Valentine’s Day that falls on a Wednesday! There are good experiences to do on other dates and it is better not to fossilize on institutional anniversaries.


Do you really think of celebrating Valentine’s Day, inevitable feast of love, on Wednesday, with restaurants clogged and the crowds of couples clinging to flood every place that is worth to be attended in 2? But also no! 

Here then that the idea of seasonal Valentine’s Day quickly gains space and reasonableness, until it becomes an excellent excuse for a weekend away from home and away from the obligatory occurrences.

A wide choice in this sense is offered by the Slovenian capital: Ljubljana, a small but welcoming city full of atmosphere, celebrates its Luv Fest until March 12nd. 

A festival dedicated to love, art and wandering, which therefore has the premises to ensure a weekend that will not regret the delayed Valentine’s Day. The Festival aims to clarify that love is not only romantic idealization but also and above all tenderness towards parents, children and family. Joy of creative work. Fascination for nature. Good humor that comes from good wine and food. Dedication to art. Passion for travel and new experiences. So not only romantic walks, hot chocolates tasted on the premises overlooking the river with a beautiful plaid on the legs, sunset admired from the walkways of the ancient castle. 

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But also events and art installations that shine in the bitter cold of Ljubljana evenings, workshops to learn how to make a ring or use a lathe (as in Ghost), pampering and Cupid cocktail in a panoramic hotel in the city center. 

For a Valentine’s Day out of season and out of town there is also the Strasbourg mon amour, the festival that takes place in the Alsatian city from 9 to 18 February. In this case, the small Venice style canals, the half-timbered houses, the views and streets around the cathedral, the gardens of the Vauban dam would be enough to justify a few days in this city of Alsace. In addition, events and activities designed specifically for couples, the curious and lovers, life or your partner. 

A dizzying and unforgettable ticket is presented for the seventh heaven, the viewing platform of the cathedral, located 60 meters high. Much less high up, but still close to the seventh heaven, we find the city spa of Strasbourg, where you can escape from the cold and relax between outdoor heated pool, sauna, whirlpool, hammam and salt caves. But as the salt makes you thirsty, the day continues with a blind Epernay champagne tasting paired at Millésime Strasbourg. From where you can go to enjoy a two-day cruise on the Rhine or a guided tour of the historic centre entitled Strasbourg Romance.

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If Slovenia and France remain out of the way, there is always Umbria to experience the deepest kiss in the world in Orvieto. Everything, being of depth, revolves around the ancient underground structures and especially the well, that of San Patrizio, which despite the legends has a background in fact. 

To celebrate the love for the city in all its forms, is proposed peremptorily: Innamorati di Orvieto! And to facilitate the spark there will be the Moon in the well: Once descended the 248 steps of the monument artists and actors will re-evoke the famous pairs of the greatest musicals in history and an appropriate soundtrack will be the background to the tasting of wines and local products. 

Love is fine, but sometimes you have to feed yourself. The underground spaces of the cliff will welcome couples and singles with ceramic workshops, oil, wine and chocolate tastings. 

At some point it will be necessary to go out to see the stars again, also to watch the serenade of the city, staged by a theater company on the balconies of the houses of the old town.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios