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Goal 2024: less polluted skin

What are the best products to protect the skin from smog?


They have been bombarding us for months now. The poor state of the air, in northern Italy in particular, is the gripe of many. Unfortunately it's all true, what we breathe is crap. Profiles such as @aria.di.milano daily report on the quality of the oxygen we are physiologically forced to inhale, and on the colour scale, green is getting closer and closer.

Everything suffers: our well-being, that of the planet and tragically also the state of our skin. Fortunately, for every problem we try to find a solution, more or less palliative.

Precisely for the dermis today there are many beauty brands offering products with a filter inside to protect the skin from UV rays, but also from smog. 

Here is some advice from the editorial staff of Acrimònia. 


Specially selected ingredients offer different benefits to the skin: physical filters based on zinc oxide, isolated CBD crystals and bioretinol.

Protects the skin, protects the planet, thanks to the waterless formulation, which requires less product per use, ensuring a longer life span and looking at sustainability.


Smog obviously promotes the premature appearance of wrinkles too, alas. This anti-blemish treatment helps to even out the complexion and counteract hyperchromia.


Ideal for cleansing delicate skin, DERMOLAB cleans with microscopic active cleansing bubbles that instantly capture and remove all traces of make-up, smog and impurities without rinsing.

Trying is believing, never forgetting that a responsible attitude towards the environment is the number one step towards improving the skin too.



Illustrations by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios