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Interview with the Instagram profile @aria.di.milano

Every day the live update on the air that we will breathe in Milan


Milan represents Italy’s economic beating heart. It’s a dynamic city, always on the go, never stopping. Industries, huge buildings and an insane everyday traffic sadly contribute to make its air quality simply… bad. Recently though, a young dream team founded an IG account called @aria.di.milano, where they post a daily picture of Milan’s air quality.

We asked them a few things, and here are their answers:

When did it all started?

At first, we just started this air detection for ourselves. But then it came to our mind that it might have been helpful to all those who were as interested as us on this particular matter. We started with a Facebook page, and then we moved to IG, earning a huger audience.

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8:30 - Che bello è svegliarsi con l'Aria di Milano pulita?!!

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Why nobody did it before?

There are different services in charge of air quality’s detection. But there are also very different parameters, and these discrepancies make it hard to fully understand what’s true and what’s not, and therefore the info given to the general public are very varied. Our project is all about synthesising the air quality data and providing to our followers a very crystal clear scheme, intuitively understandable and easy to read.

How do you balance your everyday life with this collateral activity? Who’s in charge of the air stations placed across the city?

We just share our time and passion, trying to make it fit in our everyday schedules. Of course we love what we’re doing with this project, and it makes it easier to make it real, especially when we receive a positive feedback from our followers. The vast majority of Milan citizens seems to enjoy this project, and we’re working to make our reality bigger. The air stations, the team, the social networks… all these things are getting bigger and stronger.

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21:50 - Scende la sera e l'Aria di Milano peggiora leggermente.

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Any advice you would like to share with those who’d like to be at least partially protected from the air pollution?

Given that it’s not up to us to give advices, our air detections are useful when they help Milan citizens planning their activities, such as outdoor sports, long walks or quality time with their children. As for the masks, sometimes we just give a few more info about the different kinds you can find in shops and online, but we do not aim to be too informative.

What’s your biggest goal in the making?

We’d love to shape an air detection’s capillary web.

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12:50 - L'ARIA di Milano migliora scendendo sotto i 100 (spostandosi in zona gialla). Questo è il grafico in diretta dei venti che stanno soffiando in questo momento sul nord.

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The weirdest thing you read in the DMs?

Well, maybe when people asked us if they could go out while there was a traffic block. And then there’s often someone who thinks that a blue sky with no clouds means no air pollution at all. Instead, we sadly have to tell them that those are actually the days in which the air pollution gets worse. The high pressure makes it easier for polluting agents to stick together, and while the sun is shining, the air pollution is growing.

What are you waiting for? Follow their Instagram page and stay updated on the Milan air.

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15:30 - L'Aria di Milano è divisa in due ma tende al peggioramento

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