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Netflix Italia and increasingly trash productions: why?

The contents proposed to Italians for a year now want to hit a different audience from the niche that liked Thirteen and Orange is the new Black


Those who think that the entertainment world has moved everything on social media are wrong. This is what the AGCOM data of March 2023 says: subscribers to Netflix Italia are almost 9 million

It was back in 2015 when the streaming giant arrived in our country. Quietly and without haste. The intentions, however, were very clear from the beginning. "Today, the only way to control the global rights of a program is to produce it," Reed Hastings, founder, told Wired. 

From the 2015 catalogue to the 2023 one, however, a lot of water has passed under the bridges. Countercurrent proposals ranged from series such as Orange is the new Black to Narcos, from Prison Break to Downton Abbey, from Modern Family to Grace and Frankie. And as the newbies of the platform wallowed in front of a host of unexpected and, you know, diverse content, the pay-per-view giants began to shake. 

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Time passes and today has already arrived. Unique by Ilary Blasi, the story of the events of the last few months with Pupone Francesco Totti, is on top of an ascending climax with a trash flavor started a little over a year ago. 

Netflix Italia opened its Italian offices in the first half of 2022 with a mission: an important and long-term commitment to the country, the creative community and Italian consumers. 

Coincidences? Is it possible that the more detailed profiling of an all-Italian audience has given as an answer the production of content to use a "light" euphemism? Yes, if gossip is our bread and butter.

The metamorphosis seems to be a new television that goes beyond the traditional rules. It is unique to confirm this, a real invasion of the field, the private life of a public character (including chats of whatsapp and voice to friends), nolente o volente, spiattellata in a series. 

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Un post condiviso da Netflix Italia (@netflixit)

Netflix focuses on real characters, on the names that over time people have mythologized, widens the boundaries of trash by giving it a new guise: the obsessive excavation in the homes of the famous.

The result is not yet clear, the data is not readable enough and the answers will come later. The goal, however, is not to be misunderstood: to widen the boundaries of the products, to conquer a new audience and then to adjust the shot. 

Meanwhile here is a series of goodies (mix between Netflix products and not) that have populated the classic 2023 of the best 10 for more than a week: 

  1. Unica 
  2. Odio il Natale
  3. I Cesaroni 
  4. Vasco Rossi, Il supervissuto
  5. Cambio tutto!



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios