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What’s happening on Ghali’s Instagram?

Queuing one post after another that just putting all the pieces together can say something


A series of unverified assumptions. Social messages full of mystery, an ironic note that can not win over the curiosity to understand something. When Instagram is involved, you know everything gets more interesting. Everything more serious.

Let’s start from the beginning: Ghali is one of the competitors at the edition number 74 of Sanremo. After being selected by Amadeus, now in his final year of artistic direction, he unveiled the title of the song in the race. It’s called Casa mia.

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Second-generation rapper, born in Milan to Tunisian parents, he lives most of his life in Baggio. He entered the rap scene in 2011, and after a long series of collaborations with Sfera Ebbasta and Maruego, singles and live, he was noticed by Guè Pequeno and Fedez. 

In 2016 he began the climb to success. Ninna Nanna, the single protagonist of the year beats a new streaming record in Italy on the first day of release.

Many others will follow (Happy Days, Habibi, Cara Italia), able to secure a place among the Big of the scene

Going back to today and to Casa Mia, the press immediately defines him as "busy". It is January 15 when Amadeus presents in Milan the 30 songs in the race.

It’s no news that Ghali is socially active. It was only a year ago that he donated a lifeboat to Mediterranea. The new song returns to the theme of migrants and becomes a dialogue between the artist and an alien

Here Instagram returns protagonist. It is January 15 the day of the release of the first post where Ghali posts a conversation of rather unusual iMessage. It begins with an unknown compliment on the latest album released by rapper Pizza Kebab Vol.1 and ends with a curse of the same Ghali, unaware of who is talking to him. 

It follows a regular editorial plan. The second post on January 17 and so on, a post a day, the photograph of a daily conversation that ranges from curiosity to current events and flows into one great certainty: promotion.  

However, the promotional strategy does not seem to convince everyone. Just a superficial analysis of the sentiment of the users who follow it to grasp at alternate stages: confusion, criticism and idolatry. 

But if the goal is to unleash interest before the event, we can say this, once again Ghali has hit the nail on the head.


Illustration by by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios