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Who is the malessere that is talked about so much on social

It is not a seasonal influence and has little to do with the physical state. What is being harmed (or not) in this case is the heart.


Frequent visitors to TikTok know very well that malessere is no longer, as in the dictionary, a "physical indisposition of an imprecise nature, which however can arouse some apprehension", but a man. In fact, a specific type of man. 

Categorizing people is actually unwise, but laws are made about big numbers and not about exceptions that confirm the rule. Stereotypes, therefore, remain in vogue and very useful for orienting relationships. Especially for a need for fast and light communication that Gen Z likes and rides TikTok trends like Balinese waves. 

So who is this malessere? 

Everything comes about through the fault (or thanks) of Edoardo Conte, one of the protagonists of Mare Fuori, played by Matteo Paolillo. 

@fr4ncix.gam3r Edoardo🔥💯 Chi il prossimo? #marefuori #edoardoconte #tigre #ipm #boss #trend #ancoranoi #viral #voliamoneixte✈🦁 ♬ suono originale - Francix Gam3r

Edward is handsome and strong, he even has a tiger tattooed on his chest. He has a magnetic smile and it is impossible to resist his charm. He is a weasel and is more fruitful than a sperm bank, where Edward goes he breeds.

She enchants and inebriates, promises eternal love and practices infidelity. She falls in love all the time, but love is her problem. He’s so in love with this feeling, he’s been in love with it for a while. Could you call it compulsive love?

This is a fiction, but the stereotype is so present in everyday reality, that it has unleashed hordes of teenagers to share their experience with a similar type on TikTok. This phenomenon then reached the peak of its success and was called by its own name: malaise.

In short, it is the modern term to describe that type of man that has always existed in the common imagination: beautiful, desired and super aware of both. 

@edoardo.laglia 😂😂😂#foryou #perte #xte#fyp #viral #virale#liceo#andiamoneiperte#foryoupage#foryoupageofficiall #malessere#caratteriatiche#ragazze#amore#xte #napoli#roma ♬ suono originale - edo

The "bastard" in a good-natured sense seems to be the maximum point of arrival of many and the desire to collect adventures with similar personalities is such as to have given the chance to some publishing house to produce “Il diario dei miei malesseri”. A sort of notebook in which you can write down everything about the experience: name, surname, how you knew it, how beautiful it is and how and when it turned out to be a malaise. 

@diariodei_malesseri Diario dei malesseri su amazon 📖 #regalo #diariodei_malesseri #regalodivertente #libridivertenti #ex #perte ♬ Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral - WZ Beat

In short, a game a little dangerous, but in the end, there is also who eats fire does it by profession.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios