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On the summit of Olympus by Gae Aulenti: it’s hard work, but someone must do it

Secrets and banality of white collar


On Forbes Italia’s Instagram profile a few days ago was posted a content with this title "80% of Italians working in finance have experienced burnout at least once"

A worrying figure extrapolated from the BVA-Doxa study for Mindwork that investigates the needs, disturbances and everyday life of the white collar population.

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This population with a white collar is nothing more than that cumbersome agglomeration of people who fill the subway at 7:30 am, especially in Milan, especially the green line. 

The man’s favorite film in a white shirt and jacket is, of course, The Wolf of Wall Street. His status as Whatsapp, in fact, reads "When I was 24 years old I made a decision, I did not want to survive, I wanted to live great".

Whether she lives big or not, at present, it doesn’t matter. His life with friends is perfect

He attends the most exclusive gym in Milan, he has a Mini Coupe, he blows cocaine, he always has the latest iPhone model and he can do smart working from the new head quarter in London whenever he wants. 

The fact that the whole caravan is a mix of corporate benefits (including cocaine?) does not matter, what matters is the appearance of a rich and happy life always on the top floor of the tallest skyscraper in Piazza Gae Aulenti. 

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When he is not at the pc or in call is to play padel, always with colleagues clearly. Rumor has it that the stakes of the matches are very high, such as "loser offers dinner to partner next Thursday". He never comes off, unbelievable.

The woman in the white shirt and jacket, however, is all day, every day subjected to misogynistic and patriarchal measures: there the males command. Although he fights daily for the equality of the sexes his task will always be to prepare slides of which he will not take credit

He takes out yoga, ceramics, découpage and theatre classes. She really wants to go back and follow her passions but she can never pull the plug on that music box that screams in her ear every day. 

To make children does not think about it, can not and with male colleagues can not hope to build lasting romantic relationships. In this regard, constantly competing with the twenty-year-old interns, love has decided that he no longer wants to know. She focuses on career.

Wouldn’t it be better to change the color of the shirt?



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios