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ChatGPT advised me on how to get the attention of a work colleague

Be yourself was this already said?


To get the attention of a particularly nice and cute work colleague a real job you must first have. Which is not a given for us millennials, amid summer internships, three-month contracts and fake VAT accounts. 

For sure, however, the opportunities to establish deeper acquaintances are raised if our work is not broken up into a lot of micro collaborations in which contacts take place mostly via e-mail or with the occasional online meeting.

The classic 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. office job may be a boring and outdated product of the twentieth century but, as The Office also teaches, from the point of view of sociality and relationships it offers possibilities that remote jobs still do not reach.

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With this personal opinion my preamble stops and let's see what ChatGPT thinks.

Be yourself

Open AI's chatbot, which is not known for controversial opinions, recommends trying to "create an atmosphere of friendship and complicity". The part that follows is even more shareable because this intimacy must be created "without overdoing it or being intrusive". 

So here is the move-Chiara Ferragni: The key is to show authenticity and genuine interest in her as a person. Let's be ourselves and everyone will be fine, in short.


Since, on the other hand, in my opinion, being ourselves is not always the most convenient thing to do-my best "self" I'll manage to unleash at most about ten days a year to be fair-I try to ask Ai for some other strategies.

Collaborate, engage, share

ChatGPT's "work-focused" mentality shines through here: it invites us to involve our colleague in various team activities to collaborate more closely. According to AI she might also appreciate being shared "useful resources" such as links or articles. I can already imagine her telling our children, "Your dad really won me over with that PowerPoint template".

Otherwise, the bot also recommends holding a team building to get to know each other better but basically to talk about work, work, work.

Breaking the ice

What if you don't want to focus on our common employment to break through?

In addition to small talk among colleagues to a few tales of each other's weekends and a compliment about a job well done or a new bag ChatGPT suggests, if you feel up to it, using what it calls "light humor", "non-offensive" and "playful". 

That is, "jokes about common or everyday situations that can be funny," such as exclaiming, "It looks like the coffee machine is our best friend here in the office!" or even less funny things, since AI on humor is still quite far behind.

If this tactic, as is likely, does not work the AI reminds me that I could share a little trivia about myself to get the conversation going. So what could be better than saying, "I discovered I have a secret passion for Japanese cuisine, how about you?" as ChatGPT suggests. At best you risk looking like one of the many versions of the "impress her" meme.

Insist and be patient (up to a point)

What if he doesn't even notice me like this what do I do?

ChatGPT, being a bot, invites perseverance and suggests that we always keep listening, ready to snag some interesting information to use to our advantage, such as his favorite team, guilty pleasures or niche pass me by.

Above all, though, he tells me to be patient: "Building a relationship takes time and patience. Don't try to force things or get immediate results."

Even patience, as you know, has a limit and so in any case it is "important to be prepared to respect the other person's wishes and decisions, whatever they may be," is ChatGPT's admonition.

Translated: try as long as you want but always with kindness and respect first.

On practical advice, on the other hand, there is work to be done, but it's still better than paying thousands for a pickup course from some fluff guru.



Illustrazione by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios