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AI: the word of 2023 and the prospects for 2024

A journey through the evolution of artificial intelligence and its future trends


Over the past year, we've witnessed and closely followed a true digital revolution, with artificial intelligence (AI) taking center stage. On Acrimònia, we've deeply explored this transformation, analyzing its many facets: from the revolutionary ChatGPT that has redefined our way of interacting with technology, to Merlin AI, opening new frontiers in everyday AI use.

We've also tackled crucial issues like AI's impact on the LGBTQIA community in this article, and closely observed the evolution of Google Bard AI, a worthy (and free!) competitor in the AI landscape. Every field of knowledge is now touched by this revolution, as evidenced by our articles on AI podcasts and innovations in advertising, where Meta introduced new AI tools for advertisers in this piece.

Not to mention the social impact generated by generative AI art, a field where creativity meets technology, sparking debates on originality and artistic expression, as discussed in this article.

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2023 was thus the first year in which artificial intelligence truly left its mark, and not just as a passing trend. "Artificial Intelligence" was not just a popular phrase but became the word of the year 2023, a clear sign of its impact and resonance in our culture. ChatGPT is the most used AI software in the world, predominantly used by male users.

In data analysis, AI played a fundamental role, processing and interpreting vast amounts of information, and in the health sector, AI provided innovative solutions for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, improving the effectiveness of medical care. And these, as we have seen, are just some of the fields touched by this enormous innovation.

A memorable year, indeed, and just the beginning of what AI has in store for us: what can we expect from 2024? After such a year rich in innovations, the anticipation for the next chapter in the epic of artificial intelligence is palpable. Here's what the experts and emerging trends tell us...

AI generative is about to become the new normal, with applications ranging from multimedia content to design solutions. A world where digital creativity is fueled by intelligent algorithms, is what will become a reality in 2024, as suggested by The Economist.

L'AI generativa sta per diventare il nuovo normale, con applicazioni che spaziano dai contenuti multimediali alle soluzioni di design. Un mondo dove la creatività digitale è alimentata da algoritmi intelligenti, è ciò che diventerà realtà nel 2024.

The ethical debate will continue to intensify as technological evolution grows, making the emerging challenges due to the technological divide between countries evident.



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Un post condiviso da Acrimònia Studios (@acrimoniastudios)

Our investor friends will be increasingly interested in the field: the deeper integration between AI and blockchain, opening new frontiers for security and innovation (and hopefully, profits!).

AI will be the biggest technological investment theme for 2024, with an increase in investments in startups and AI technologies, a significant impact on the economy and innovation, as noted by Investopedia.

We still can't predict exactly how, but what we know for sure is that it will change the way work is done in 2024, and also who does it. New opportunities, new challenges for the workforce and organizations, as anticipated by The Detroit News.

In short, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of great expectations and challenges for artificial intelligence. From creative innovations to ethical issues, AI is ready to shape our future in ways we are only beginning to imagine. Here at Acrimònia, we are ready for the novelties that may come in the world of artificial intelligence. And of course, we will keep you very updated on every development: to not miss anything, follow us also on Instagram!



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