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An energy dose thanks to AlmaCare

No more dull, tired, dehydrated skin


AlmaCare presents a new device accompanied by two masks to revitalize and give wellness to our skin from the comfort of home. AlmaCare has designed the LMNT technology, the first home-use that combines the power of infrared and micro pulse favoring microcirculation and giving a more toned and elastic skin. 

The treatment gives different results depending on the type of skin that each person has.
The greatest results are visible after 3/7 weeks.
The procedure is divided into an initial treatment plan, where for the first month it should be performed 3 times a week with a duration of 15/20 minutes. Then you go to the maintenance plan that recommends to use the device once a week for the same duration. This device can be used for all age groups because it helps to produce collagen and elastin resulting day after day an improvement of the skin also compromised by the surrounding environment. 

The masks: 

Myface is a moisturizing and protective mask, is hydrophilic and this leads to the lowering of water loss from the skin. All this ensures that the skin remains protected by increasing the collagen production.

Myeye are eye patches based on hyaluronic acid, stimulate the production of collagen moisturize and brighten. Suitable for reducing the production of dark circles, bags and fatigue under the eyes. 

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