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Three bags that cannot be missing in your wardrobe

Find out what they are


They say that fashion is a continuous cycle that repeats itself. Everything that has become a must have sooner or later returns (or has already returned) stronger than before and perhaps with a touch of contemporaneity.

For this reason, we want to retrace the life of three bags that have become an inevitable cult to keep in the closet, because you never know that someone will raise them and we find ourselves unprepared.

The timeless Fendi Baguette 

This bag has become, in just 15 years from its birth, one of the most desired and celebrated fashion accessories in the world.
The simplicity of its shape has managed to stand out among many models due to its extremely basic silhouette. Convenient, comfortable, to be held on the shoulder or under the arm. From the mini to the large version, in fabric, fur, logoed or with application, there are so many to choose from. A good dose of luck for this bag was being a great star along with Sarah Jessica Parker of the TV series “Sex and the City”.

The nostalgic Nylon Mini Bag by Prada 

Between the 90s and early 00s, the iconic Prada Nylon bags arrived. This material has made the brand's DNA unique, transforming its soul into a perfect combination of industrial and luxury.
A versatile shoulder bag, extremely simple and ready to use thanks to the zipper that timidly retraces the opening. Obviously nylon is the absolute protagonist, from nude shades to the most classic with its black variation. The small central triangle with the logo is, of course, inevitable.

Louis Vuitton's sculptural NéoNoé 

A shoulder bag different from the others starting from the longer and adjustable shoulder strap. Its simple and at the same time innovative shape makes it a very roomy bucket bag.
This exclusive model was made in 1932 by Vuitton to store the delicate bottles of champagne.
A practical bag that thanks to its avant-garde silhouette has given life to an eternal model for the Maison. For this reason, in addition to its classic monogram version, it has been revisited in many versions.