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Three false myths about cleansing, the fundamental step of skincare

Who gets off to a good start is half the battle, right? If this old saying holds true, it surely applies perfectly to skincare. Because (correct) cleansing is EVERYTHING


In any skin care routine, the first step is perhaps the fundamental one, and probably the only one that is indispensable: good cleansing is the basis of beautiful skin. We could decree it the most important step to take, if we were forced to choose only one.

Yes, because in this case, the first step to healthy skin literally coincides with the first step in the skincare routine. But how do we know if we are properly cleansing our skin, if the products we are using are right for us, if they are working?

Among the thousands of proposals in circulation, buzzwords that tell us about miraculous ingredients, a thousand tips that come from all over to our confused ears, how to determine what to do and what to use?

There are many questions and doubts surrounding cleansing, often considered the “little sister” of the skincare routine, a hasty and distracted mention before moving on to focus on expensive serums and luxuriously textured creams. And here is the first mistake we often make: it is important to keep in mind that there is no cream that can work magic on skin that has not been properly cleansed.

So what is there to know to get the most out of cleansing and keep our skin healthy, intact and clean?

Below we will dispel some of the most ingrained and persistent false myths about cleansing, which deserves its prominent place in the Olympus of skincare steps, right next to our beloved treatments. Let's start!

MYTH # 1

All cleansers are created equal

We couldn't be more off track than that! If your concept of choosing a cleaner is swirling in a supermarket, grabbing the first item with a dispenser from the scented liquid shelf, and dashing to the checkout, you may not be getting the most out of your cleansing. I'm not saying you're wrong, you do you, just that you could have more, that both you and your skin deserve more, you know what I mean?

There are detergents of any consistency, for different purposes and uses and with different ingredients, which constitute a real first step of treatment. A cleanser formulated to effectively remove make-up is different from a cleanser designed for a gentle second cleanse.

If you have very dry skin, you will prefer cleansers with a creamy consistency and free of foaming agents, with soothing ingredients that help preserve the hydration of the stratum corneum, but able to gently cleanse the skin. If, on the other hand, you have an oily-prone skin, you will prefer slightly foaming cleansers and perhaps in gels, with re-balancing ingredients, which also act on the production of sebum and cleanse effectively, without attacking the skin.

If you are looking for a make-up remover, however, it is quite another matter. A good make-up remover is usually a creamy balm, which in contact with the skin turns into an oil that, when massaged, is able to dissolve the make-up and, once emulsified with water, transport it away from the skin. To this end, we have something new to reveal to you, so I recommend you read through to find out your next favorite make-up remover balm!

Now that we've established that cleansers are all different, next time you're looking for a new cleanser, take a moment to listen to your skin, and choose your first step carefully. The change will be surprising.

MYTH # 2

If I have no make-up and only wear SPF, there is no need to wash my face before going to bed

False my dear friend. It would be infinitely wiser to eliminate the SPF worn during the day from the face (as well as from the body), and any dust and pollution particles that inevitably, if you live in the city, have deposited on your pores. The best way to remove the sunscreen is an oily cleanser, followed by a foaming / gel cleanser, with good old double cleansing.

The oily balm / cleanser will serve to dissolve the SPF and lift it from the skin, the foaming or gel cleanser will serve to remove everything from our skin. For this purpose, a certain product is perfectly indicated, which was launched just in these days ... and about which you can read at the end of this article.

MYTH # 3

If I have oily skin, no skincare is needed after cleansing

Only if you want a very unpleasant rebound effect, that is, that your skin, cleansed and not properly rehydrated, feels compelled to protect itself by producing even more sebum, to replace the one you just eliminated with cleansing. Often people with oily skin tend to skip any skincare, perhaps after using an aggressive cleanser that has altered the hydrolipidic layer of the epidermis.

It is important to remember that hydration is a step that benefits any type of skin, of any age and gender, and is essential for healthy skin. The important thing is to choose the right consistency products for us. But that's another story for another day.

Here we are finally, you are about to discover our secret product, as well as my brand new obsession in terms of cleansing...

Paula's Choice just launched the brand new Omega + Complex Cleansing Balm, a make-up remover balm perfect for removing make-up and sun protection, easy to rinse off and perfect for all skin types. Enriched with Omega fatty acids, it also contains jojoba oil and lawn foam oil: perfect allies to preserve the health of our skin even during cleansing.

It is a triple action cleanser, which removes SPF, make-up and impurities without disturbing the skin's hydrolipidic barrier and therefore without causing moisture loss. This makes it an excellent alternative even for dry skin. The tube packaging is very user friendly and the texture is pure perfection. Foundation, mascara, lipstick, you will see them melt under your fingers and give way to a cleansed skin, but not irritated by aggressive washing agents.

It removes make-up and sun protection in seconds and emulsifies perfectly with a little water, without leaving any oily residue. Like all Paula's Choice products, this make-up remover balm is multitasking and fragrance free, perfect both for the first phase of double cleansing and for a quick and delicate morning cleansing.

Will you try it too?

And since here we never leave anything to chance, to accompany you during the skincare, from cleansing to the next steps, we have created a small playlist for you. Make good use of it!





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