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He betrays himself even when he has everything. Why?

Qui sine peccato est vestrum, primus lapidem mittat!


Those of you who are without sin throw the first stone... and raise your hand I would add. But the audience remains silent. 

Because in addition to throwing a stone and raising a hand it would be right to put that hand over the conscience and if you are honest even on the heart. In love you know there are neither winners nor losers and betrayal is always around the corner. Few can say they have never been betrayed or never betrayed, and if they say so, they lie. 

The lie, here is the true companion of the snack of betrayal. The lie is a subtle flattery that tempts and excites victims who are literally filled with adrenaline, sweat, lust, hunger and energy. The lie is attractive, it’s stimulating, it trains the brain, and it keeps your focus at its best. You have to stay calm

Emotions can not cloud the mind of those who are starting a journey in the direction of betrayal. And in addition to calm you need to be pragmatic as engineers, quick as athletes, prepared for any unexpected, in short, become a kind of super heroes from infinite lives. 

Betrayal is tiring, very tiring and being betrayed is a tragedy. But why do we betray? The most banal phrase that is used in these cases is: "betray because you lack something". It is not true. It betrays even when you have everything. Boredom, ego, the desire to live, a brain too fast, a body too greedy, life leads you to betray and who knows if one already has everything, because if you already have everything you want just what you do not have, or simply you want more. 

It is inherent in Western human nature to want more. Moreover, betrayal is not simply sexual, so it would be too easy. The real problem is that betrayal is mental. If it were only physical instincts the cure not to betray would be easy, but when it is the mind that starts the question gets complicated and if you just can not restrain better memorize some basic rules. 

  1. You need an accomplice. Betrayal must be confessed to the closest friend you have and the friend in question must be reliable not emotional, better if he has already betrayed, could give you some tips, stay away from moralists because they are either envious or they did but do not admit it. 

  2. Never lie 100% but always tell half truths. If you plan an escape with your mistress in Paris it is not very smart to say that you go to Venice with a friend. So you go to Paris with whoever you want but you go to Paris. Excellent excuse for work.

  3. Social communication must remain identical. Avoid sappy songs with sentences made hanging on a thread of melancholy as 12 years old at the first crush. But continue to be yourself. If you do it without betraying, stop it because you could be taken for traitors. 

  4. Don’t buy too many new clothes, don’t change your perfume, don’t go out every night unless you used to and aren’t too happy. The happiness that you flaunt to the four winds annoys everyone, even your partner. 

  5. Be prepared to lose everything. Yep! Count it in from the beginning. It could happen, and then crying over spilled milk would be ridiculous and probably not help. 

Many betrayals become stable relationships that can last years, others, the majority, end with the same speed with which they were born. Whether it is one night, which lasts for a few months or years, the betrayal has a number of side effects that miss the drug. Anxiety, panic attacks, dermatitis, increased risk of heart attack, insomnia, paranoia. 

So think about it before you cheat because in addition to a new partner, who obviously you don’t have to tell why you were left, you will need a good medical team. 


Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios