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If Chiara Ferragni’s apology had been more effective? We rewrote the speech of the digital entrepreneur

"Imagine, you can". After the sanction, the criticism, the mortification, one thing is certain, Ferragni has not hit the mark. But what if in the confusion he said something more? What if he said it better?


Update 03/01/2024 11:45

Chiara Ferragni is back on Instagram with a couple of stories. Is it her or the communication task force’s work?


Update 23/12/2023 17:15

Maybe Fedez read our article because today’s Repubblica reads this:

Fedez against Chiara Ferragni’s manager: he wants to fire him for the case Balocco


Pandoro gate, incoming issues with Easter eggs, complete with Instagram posts deleted. Safilo interrupting the license agreement of the line of glasses with the influencer. Charity and fraud written in big letters on the headlines of all newspapers not only Italian. Chiara Ferragni was overwhelmed by an intercontinental storm with the taste of cotton candy and chocolate that dissolved her makeup and messed up her hair. The queen of communication misses communication. Boom! But the big thing is, she does it so dramatically that she wonders, why? 

Everyone wrote and criticized her words, her outfit and the veracity of her intentions. 

What did the highest paid influencer in the world really do wrong?

Let’s start with the look. Chiara Ferragni had to do Chiara Ferragni. Aim a beautiful light in your face, use one of her lipsticks more wow and especially talk naturally, seriously, leaving the emotionality aside. "Hello baby" had already read it in Sanremo. 

The outfit had to be simple but neat, perfect an oversize blazer with a warm and reassuring color, a pair of soft jeans. The wider frame and the location was not supposed to be home but her pink-walled office with some plants sticking out of the frame.  

And the speech? It should have been this:

Hi guys,

I’ve always been convinced that the luckiest have a moral responsibility to do good. These are the values that have always guided me, this is what I teach my children, I also teach them that you can make mistakes but it is always necessary to remedy the mistake made and treasure it. And that’s what I want to do now. As CEO of my companies, I take full responsibility for what happened. 

My job is to promote, through social media, commercial activities of various brands. The relationship with each brand is obviously defined through contracts that are drawn up by professionals on which I place my full trust, this means that I sign the agreements following their indications. 

I was therefore forced to remove from the post people with whom I shared a happy career path and thank them for how they supported me until yesterday. I will identify as soon as possible professionals who can replace them to accompany my activities, even the most delicate, with the necessary care. 

I made a mistake that I will treasure in the future by completely separating any charitable activity that I have always done and will continue to do, from commercial activities. Even if the ultimate goal is good, if there has not been careful control over all aspects, misunderstandings can arise. 

I will challenge the AGCM measure because I consider it disproportionate and unfair. 

I made a mistake in good faith. 

Unfortunately it can be wrong. 

I’m sorry I did. 

Regardless of the amount of the sanction I will donate to Queen Margaret a figure that I will keep secret to prevent speculation on my business and my earnings.

In the next few days I will talk with Regina Margherita about how the hospital will use the money donated by me and I will periodically tell you about the updates. My mistake remains, but I want to ensure that this error generates something constructive and positive. 

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios