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Sanremo 2023, Chiara Ferragni arrives on the stage of Ariston

The fashion blogger flies higher and higher: next year she will open and close the Italian Music Festival paired with Amadeus


The fateful one has arrived. After four rejections, Sanremo has come out and made inroads into the heart of his beloved lover: Chiara Ferragni will finally set the stage of the Ariston in the opening and closing evening of the next 2023 edition, from 7 to 11 February. To announce it, in an extraordinary preview compared to traditional times, an anxious Amadeus during the TG1 at 20:00 last June 20: "I received the mandate in March from Director Coletta and CEO Fuortes, so I already got to work at the Festival. Regulation already realized, I began to listen to the songs of both young and big and I already made a first announcement on June 20 related to the co-conduction of Chiara Ferragni".

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And if there is the name of the most famous influencer in the digital world at stake, of course the news could not but immediately collect loads of views; literally, it is worth adding, because to project almost simultaneously the announcement of Amadeus was just an emotional Fedez on his Instagram stories, admonished by his wife who did not want spoiler before the words of the host: an announcement inside the ad in short, in a contest to whom would have shaken before the people of 27 and a half million followers of Blond Salad, who shortly after published on his profile a 32-tooth selfie of pure enthusiasm with Amadeus next.

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The news then returns again to talk about the famous digital entrepreneur, whose name however had already been in the past coupled with that of the Sanremo Festival: for four times in fact, Chiara would have refused the proposal to conduct the music festival, even when it would have been made by Carlo Conti. Gossip aside on the few or many zeroes that would have been proposed from year to year, the real reasons for the refusal have always been unknown; is undoubtedly the load of Italian responsibility that the image of Ferragni will have to take charge in taking part in one of the events symbol of the nation. Because it is natural to imagine the impatience in the face of such news, even if to represent Sanremo we could range from Belen’s butterfly tattoo to Georgina Rodriguez’s sensual tango: but of course this other bulwark of Italian ended up under the social clutches of Chiarona and therefore it is right to emphasize the havoc in which we have reduced. Surely the beauty influencer had already planned to strengthen the armor, because in response to one of the many threats of thickness posted online ("Will you be in San Remo? I will avoid seeing it"), he drew a nice middle finger, smiling victorious.

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Perhaps it would be right to keep in mind just a few details: in the same way that all the pincopallini armed with telephones prepare for their tirades trying to bring out their best dialectic (which of course sometimes loses the compass between spelling errors and the like), there is the possibility that even the CEO of the Ferragni empire remembers to articulate some more talk between a Ciao guys and the other. Probably not losing on the way the Italian grammar and certainly representing on the stage of the Ariston personal and social commitment.
Go Chiara, we’re all with you.