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Valentine's Day: 5 gifts for getting dumped

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Is getting broken up in ten days possible, like in the film starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson? Even one can be enough if you know how to act. No explicit appreciation of other people, silly arguments or heavy criticism of family and friends: Valentine's Day is approaching and, with the right gift, is the perfect opportunity to break up a relationship that is dragging on without momentum.

Let us be clear: this is an ironic provocation and, ça va sans dire, there is no such thing as a universally wrong gift that would make the recipient run for the hills. But there are tastes and expectations, just as there are those who care about Valentine's Day and consider it an important moment to spend with their partner to renew a promise of love, exchanging a heartfelt thought.

Here, then, are 5 useful gifts to be left behind on Valentine's Day, in our opinion.

Body products

On 14 February, receiving a set of bubble baths and shampoos from Tesori D’Oriente as a gift could be a not-so-pleasant surprise because it is cheap and not very sought-after. A bit like admitting one's disinterest. There is also a real risk that the unspoken: “Wash yourself!” will linger in the head of the person unwrapping this gift for days, until it resonates as a downright insult. And who has been seen has been seen.

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Aunt's gifts

The variants of this type of gift are different and can all fall into the category of aunt's presents at Christmas, such as particularly ugly pajamas, mousy socks or vulgar sweatpants. Maybe they were just what your wardrobe needed, but maybe they won't get your relationship off the ground.

Camping holidays

A caval donato etc. etc., all the more so if you're talking about a trip, but I personally know quite a few people who would prefer a summer of just working to such a prospect. In Rome. In 40 degrees. And perhaps they would seriously consider ditching their boyfriends for someone who appreciates the comforts of life. Avoid glamping instead. The risk of liking it is there.

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Gym membership

It is known how expensive a good gym membership is now. However, the passive-aggressive message of such a gift to one's partner on Valentine's Day I shouldn't have to explain to you, but it sounds more or less like an ultimatum for the recipient's fitness. Understandable, then, that after the relief for the money saved also comes the sacking. The same, or perhaps worse, applies to vouchers for beauty parlors.

The same as last year

For those who want to get dumped but have no original or safe ideas to irritate their man or woman, the solution is at hand: just give the exact same thing as the year before, preferably already ugly and insignificant. If last Valentine's Day you did not give anything as a present, you can think about persevering on this path – especially if the other person really cares about it – or go back to the first tip on this list.

Of course, if your partners are very ironic people or particularly fond of tent trips, the gym or bubble bath, feel free to use these tips even if you don't necessarily want to be single.

Let us know!

PS: if instead you want to opt for a worthy gift and continue the ongoing relationship, here are some options Natura.

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios
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