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Cheap and alternative holiday ideas

For adventurous new hires, interns, students and savers in general


Until recently, I fell into the category of lucky people, who practically took three months of vacation. In mid-June I said goodbye to everyone and moved into my grandmother's beach house, until early September.

Unfortunately, however, we grow up, and having no longer anyone who wants to support me while I do nothing, I had to find a job. I succeeded but, being the latest arrival and not knowing how to do anything, really nothing, the problem of my holidays on where, how and with whom to go was quickly solved because this year, as a true "new employee", the holidays do not touch me at all.

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Hoping instead that you, dear readers, will leave for some nice trip, I will try to dispense some advice, on a type of vacation in great demand among the people I frequent: cheap (but alternative!).

If you are wealthy or simply people who manage to save money during the year: well, this article is not for you. The ideas you will find are in fact designed for new hires, trainees without salary, non-resident students (let's say for students in general); in short, the rest of us who must save, even if they do not want to.

The first holiday I propose is certainly the least expensive and the easiest to organize: the so-called “latch holiday at the home of friends from the south”. It is simple to implement: just "self - invite yourself" to the home of your dear trusted friends, residing in that part of Italy that goes from the "Tiber down".

It’s not important which region your destination will be, if Puglia, Calabria or Basilicata; wherever you go, you will always find hospitable people, ready to fill you with excellent dishes until you feel sick, also because you will probably be "a little too thin" for the grandmother on duty. Not to mention the sea, the fantastic landscapes and the atmosphere; you will love everything about your latch holiday, trust me.

Warnings: they could be offended if you decide to offer dinner yourself or if you can't finish what you have on your plate. In short, the only drawback could be those five / six extra kilos that will surely accompany you on your return home. During my wonderful latching holiday in Calabria, I was also able to bring back a basket full of 'nduja and bottles of Amaro del Capo.

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Second idea: well yes, I know some of you will shiver, but I'm talking about camping. It is true, it is a bit of a "Scout" thing, but I assure you that you are having fun anyway. Dispassionate advice based on personal experiences: do not go camping in places like the Argentario or the Riviera, otherwise the budget will skyrocket (with what I spent I used to go to some Briatore’s hotels).

A humble holiday is right to stay in humble places. I recommend that you go with inexperienced people, so I assure you that from the moment you set up the tent, to the moment you have to put it in place, it will all be a laugh. Contraindications: if you choose this option, I recommend that you go with close, but very close friends.

The campsite tests: it is always quite dirty, the bathroom is usually far away and obviously shared, and generally sleeps badly (I would avoid going there with your partner ... the "sexual tension" is completely canceled).

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Finally, the last proposal, as well as my choice for this year: a path. We all know that the path par excellence is that of Santiago, but for those who have never done anything like this, perhaps it is better to start from something simpler. Not like I did, who went from the “sofa - desk - bed” route to travel 30 km a day in the mountains.

In fact, a few weeks ago, I walked the Path of the Gods, which connects the city where I currently live, Bologna, to the one where I was born, Florence. I left with friends, as experienced in trekking and camping as I am (therefore less than zero), and against all expectations, both ours and those who know us, we actually did it.

The first evening (and the following ones) we arrived at the stage which was already dark, which does not help when three tents have to be set up, and especially when it turns out that two out of three are broken.

Moreover, being a path on the Apennines, it never passes close to cities or villages, until reaching the stage (sometimes not even there), consequently it is difficult to find supermarkets or even just food. Obviously, several times we found ourselves without water, only dried fruit with ants to eat, and with hours of walking ahead.

Along the way you are catapulted into this dimension where the phone does not work, the internet let alone and where you are forced to walk all day in the woods meeting very few people (which is not bad).

The physical effort is considerable and I assure you that it allows you to think only about what you are doing at that moment, to continue walking and reach the stage of the evening. All the problems of daily life, work, university, family disappear. You feel regenerated, despite the fatigue.

When we arrived in Florence we were dead, knees and feet no longer worked, but the emotion I felt when I started seeing the city was unique and indescribable. One of the best experiences I've ever had and I wish everyone to try.

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Let me know if you choose any of the ideas I have proposed, so I can give you other advice personally, especially about what not to do.