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What a son of art doesn't say

Thirteen Peter is the son of Gianni Morandi, rap and does it well


Just admit it, until a few months ago we had absolutely no idea who Pietro Morandi aka Tredici Pietro. 

It may have happened to have discovered it at a lunch in the house with friends and as 90% of the time, finished to swallow everything that was available to eat, we began to put random music that, song after song, followed the tastes of all.

It may have been at that moment that as neophytes our ears met Tredici Pietro and his “Tu Non Sei Con Noi, Bro”, followed by “Oro” and again by  “Why u naked?”.

Born in Bologna in 1997 (not even on purpose), Pietro has been making music since 2018. His first collaboration is with producer Mr.Monkey, Morandi jr begins anonymously. The pseudonym Tredici Pietro and the omission of the musical project with the family, is to avoid that its artistic origins are revealed to the general public.

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No outside plan, simple need to do it alone: “if one wants to make music he needs to express himself and, therefore, must be free.”

In mid-2019 “Assurdo” is released, the first complete musical project that consists of “nothing less than” a featuring with Madame. Despite this, no successful explosion. 

Is 2021 the lucky year, post perseverance, constancy and meticulousness comes out the second album “X Questa Notte” which is entirely produced by Andry the Hitmaker nd sees the collaborations of MecnaNayt and Giaime.

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After the brief account of his climb, the intent is to dwell on the singular parallelism father singer-son singer. 

We often hear of injections by osmosis of artistic spirit, but the vast majority of times children do not follow the parental footsteps in every way. 

Often, in fact, we see the need of the offspring to emerge in the field, yes artistic, but at least partially far from that of father/ mother, as if to protect themselves, reasonably, from a critical pilot that 99% the public is ready to throw. 

See Leo Gassman who, son of Alessandro, did not want to know about the world of cinema and threw himself into the musical universe. Or Giorgia, daughter of the iconic conductor Demo Morselli, who instead of the wand held the microphone. Of examples, especially in Italy, there are plenty of them but in this singular case, Pietro Morandi, son of Gianni Morandi national, took courage and the negative response is not affected, focusing on a musical project that consists of seriousness, brilliance and authenticity.

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A transversal world of rap that Pietro explores far and wide contaminating his music with veiled trap, hip-hop, pop and indie influences. 

We don’t stop listening “Why u naked?”. Big up, Tredici Pietro!

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