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What are the most faithful professions?

After the festivities for the day of the lovers, it’s time to return to the harsh reality, made of uncontrolled impulses and good intentions not fully valued.


An old cinematic adage states that horns are like shoes: it is not enough to know how to put them on, one must also know how to wear them. Since, however, this quiet awareness is not always demonstrated in the most delicate moments of a couple's life, it is better to prepare oneself and do some research, in order to catch the warning signs and perhaps arrive with greater awareness at the inevitable but no less bitter moment of truth.

According to the study conducted by Gleeden (2017) - a French extramarital dating site for married and unfaithful people - there is a ranking of the professions most at risk of infidelity. Ranked first to third among men are entrepreneurs, doctors and consultants/freelancers. Women who cheat the most are, on the other hand, assistants/secretaries, consultants/self-employed professionals and tradesmen.

Among the work situations most at risk are, therefore, those that involve very flexible working hours, night shifts and unplanned and unhurried travel for service requirements.

And so entrepreneurs would be the category that is in the best conditions to facilitate promiscuous attendance and outside the official emotional relationship. Thanks to the needs linked to flexibility, the unpredictability of commitments related to business life, the plurality of contacts and attendance, this would be one of the most risky professions. Specularly would be assistants and secretaries/ and to be tempted in a more pressing way by the possibility of not respecting commitments, more or less explicit, assumed before leaving home in the morning. In this case the most recurring clichés in terms of extra relationships would be confirmed, with peace of mind of those who find one of these categories as a companion/ a life. 

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Professional categories linked to the diverse world of health and care would also be tempted to create one or more links in addition to what they would formally be required to honour. In this case it is the necessarily close and continuous relationships with colleagues and also the long night shifts and work-related procedures that would undermine the granitic certainties linked to the rejection of relationships with other partners or with partners of others. 

Open eyes and straight antennae also for public employees and freelancers, for opposite but convergent reasons. Meetings, daily and close visits, prolonged work sessions and also the possibility of "working from home" provide as many temptations and opportunities to engage in clandestine relationships or less demanding moments of inappropriate intimacy. 

Once it has been verified that the partner’s work situation does not fall under the case of red stamps, it will also be appropriate to find the presence of warning signs that suggest the need for a particular vigilance on the virtues of the other/ a. Among the most commonly object of attention seem to be an even greater distraction and inattention to the object of the conversations; a assiduous and very close proximity to the smartphone, lulled and supervised like a baby or shielded and protected in an excessive way; an unusual attention to clothing and physical appearance in general; a chatty desire to share infinite details of his day; the sudden emergence of new and completely incongruous hobbies and ways of spending leisure; the even more sudden tendency to return home, often after long days of work, with gifts more or less demanding but from businesses located in the same area of the city.

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After all these evaluations, according to the experts of the subject, there could be a simple and linear explanation for a change in the behavior of your partner. But if your instinct tells you that he/she/she/she is cheating on you, it probably is. 

And we’ll get over it. 



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios