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Ready to play? Decathlon relaunches with a new identity

Decathlon announces a total rebranding. New ambitions, a revised positioning and a fresh identity.


According to the World Health Organization, 70% of the world’s population is sedentary. Decathlon, the French giant founded in 1976 by the so-called "Gang of 7", aims to change this trend.

"Moving people through the wonders of sport" is the new mantra, with a new orbiting logo, a vibrant blue color and the motto "Ready to play?". The primary objective remains the democratization of sport, aiming to excite people.

During the world event broadcast live from Paris, CEO Barbara Martin Coppola announced with determination: "Today is a turning day".

With a presence in 70 countries, Decathlon will focus on nine main categories, including mountain, water sports, cycling, fitness and team sports, as well as four more specialized lines.

The transformation will focus on three pillars: a more immersive customer experience, sustainability with zero emissions by 2050 and greater digitalization of the business model.

The effects will be tangible for customers, who will have access to a more comprehensive experience, including recommended itineraries, lifetime service, and the ability to resell and repair products.

This renewal marks a significant shift for Decathlon, from sporting goods retailer to global brand with a passionate and innovative mission.

However, the real resources remain the people, both inside and outside the company. As Steve Dykes, a veteran of the brand, points out: "We are ordinary people who do extraordinary things".



Images Decathlon Press Office

Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios