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Talking about Feminism will not break down gender differences

A brief reflection on the power of words


When I first heard of Feminism, reference was made to universal suffrage. I was not too shocked by the thought that women, before, could not vote: it seemed to me like a time long gone, alien, completely different from today.

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I grew up as a millennial in an environment that pushed me not to limit myself in classical gender categorisations, but in the same split second gave of the “sissy” to all males who behaved discreetly and sensitively and exalted the girls “tomboy”.

A period of contradictions, which is slowly sabotaging itself one step after another, one denunciation after another, one assertion of its own identity after another.

There is therefore still a strong need for Feminism, yes. But not of the word “Feminism”.

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When I use such an all-encompassing term, which contains the word  “FEMALE”, I am not fighting discrimination. I am exacerbating them.

So yes, let's talk about the daily gender violence, let's talk about the discrimination, let's talk about the “miss”, “when are you getting married/making children?”, “you're good at driving, for a woman”. But we also talk about toxic machismo. Let's talk about the boys of my generation who, still, don't know how to cry and would never do so in public. We talk about the need to last longer, to always be a leader, a saviour prince.

As long as the focus is only on one sphere, as opposed to the other, we cannot really say that we are fighting for equality. Let us stop using the word “Feminism”: words shape thought, it is automatic and logical to think only and exclusively of the feminine sphere.

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Why not talk about humanity, in all its facets? 

Why is there still a need to denote something “made by women for women”?

Why verbally leave behind all those men who feel alone and abandoned by a society that tells them how not to be, but never how to be?

We extend a hand to everyone, women, men, people with an intermediate gender or no gender at all.

What we are physiologically born with does not identify us in any way except for biological reasons that should say nothing about our worth.

Enough about “Feminism”. Let's talk about... Humanity.

Image Delia Giandeini on Unsplash