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Nike and Converse united for LGBTQIA+ rights

Color inclusiveness


Two collections born under the same "union" slogan. A capsule created by Nike BeTrue Collection for the first time and by Converse Pride Collection which is now a veteran.

The strength of these parallel collections comes from the desire to express all the diversity with the eyes and vision of the LGBTQIA + community.

The silhouettes of the sneakers are soft, eccentric and full of vitality suitable for any occasion.

A perfect mix and match of colorful hope to look to the future that awaits us with the positivity of the vision of Nike and Converse.

Union and correspondence are the keywords of these capsule collections that see the two brands draw on some of their historical models, to find their strength in more contemporary and fresh lines.


In light of the latest events in America that do nothing but underline how racism and hatred are still too much alive and rooted, there are those who, like Nike, have chosen to make themselves the voices of the campaign full of positivity. The Air Force 1- BeTrue model features a flag on the heel inspired by the one introduced in Philadelphia in 2017 called More Color, More pride, which includes the addition of the brown and black shade.

Nike is also synonymous with energy and comfort, for this reason it has chosen precisely and outlined the models to draw from such as, Nike Air Foce 1, Air Max 2090, to create a collection that represents the most beautiful union that is that of diversity.

We also remind you that Nike, like Converse, is concretely supporting many non-profit organizations LGBTQIA +, creating safe spaces, promoting sport and community history.


Amber Hikes, civil rights activist and stripe creator in 2017, said that if we expand our understanding of a concept, in this case of Pride, we offer much more space for everyone else.

Converse was inspired by these words that spread inclusiveness and the desire to change perspective. The capsule is developed in nine models, ranging from Chuck 70 and Taylor All star, designed to represent bisexual, pansexual, non-binary and transgender flags in different ways.

Converse Pride Collection is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary in support of communities defined as unconventional by society and Pride. The brand has donated over one million dollars in support of the LGBTQIA + glocal organizations.

The Nike BeTrue collection will be launched globally on June 19th, 2020, while Converse Pride Collection on May 29th will be available on the brand's e-commerce.