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New Balance presents the new 574+

The iconic sneaker of the brand will be launched this September in a brand new version, reaching high heights of fashion and design


To infinity and beyond. New Balance does not stop its run and starting this September is ready to launch not only a simple and new sneaker, but a milestone for the brand: the feminine reinterpretation of the iconic silhouette of the brand, namely the New Balance 574+, to appeal to a wider audience and captivate fans with its innovative design. If the 574 OG remain to satisfy the most traditionalists, New Balance has thought big and decided to expand its product line.

As the lovers of the brand know, the 574 is one of the most famous and most versatile sneakers, thanks to its durability and its design, which have made it a trademark; and to confirm this, it is the undoubted popularity it brings with it since 1988, the year of its debut. The 574 has in fact lived several lives and revisits, among which certainly stands out the luxury version of 2021, the result of the collaboration with Miu Miu; as well as, more recently, is to be counted the cut of eco-sustainability given thanks to the Green Leaf standard, initiative of New Balance, which sees the model made with a part of recycled materials and leather of more responsible origin.

The rouge file that binds the various models has always allowed the American brand to keep intact its classic elements, which have thus distinguished the classic sneaker over the years, adding each time a touch of novelty, both in color and in materials. And the 574+ is in fact no less, indeed: the brand new silhouette will be presented with a raised midsole, a feature of absolute novelty in the history of New Balance. This is because some New Balance models have already undergone the insertion of a raised sole, such as the CT302 and the 57/40, but the 574+ represents more the past that meets the future. The iconic features of the 574 remain present, such as the suede upper, the fine materials, the label on the tongue and the tongue on the heel. Below, it reveals a new energy for design, thanks to

a thicker midsole, detail for a fashion-conscious audience. This version is supported by a lightweight EVA foam cushioning that offers extra comfort.

The New Balance 574+ will come in several color variations, with five options to choose from. Starting this September, it will be available in the famous New Balance grey hue, followed by other basic colors for the rest of the year.


Image credits: New Balance Press Office