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Nepo-babies: as unbearable as they are irresistible

They are the “children of” the new social stars and despite common opinion portraying them as recommended, it is impossible to resist them


It was Vittoria Ceretti who first launched the controversy against neo-babies on social media:

“What do you know about waiting hours in line for a casting or fitting only to see a nepo baby overtake you straight from the warm seat of a chauffeur-driven Mercedes, complete with a friend/assistant/agent looking after her mental health?" and again "I totally understand the 'I'm here and I'm working hard', but I'd love to see if you too could get through the first five years of your career that I experienced. I'm not talking about being rejected, because I know you've been there too, that you could tell me your sad little story (although, at the end of the day, you can always go cry on daddy's shoulder in your Malibu mansion), but what do you know about not having the money for a return flight home to your family?.

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Un post condiviso da Vittoria Ceretti (@vittoria)

To whom was it addressed, but above all who are the nepo-babies? Let's start with the second question with a simple answer to define: they are the famous “daddy's children”, in this case children of people who are already famous in show business and on the international scene. In recent years, social media and magazines have gone crazy for them and the paparazzi have followed and immortalised them everywhere. Lila Moss daughter of Kate Moss, Kaia Gerber daughter of Cindy Crawford, Iris Law daughter of Jude Law or Lily Rose Depp daughter of Jonny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (here, to answer the first question it is rumoured that @vittoria, was referring to her.

“You have no idea how much you have to struggle to get people to respect you. It takes years. For you, on the other hand, it's free from day 1”, the Italian supermodel certainly didn't mince her words and at the same time, probably in response, Lily Rose Depp certainly had no trouble finding space in Elle in which to counter by means of an interview:

“People will always have preconceived ideas about you or how you got there, but I can definitely say that nothing will get you a role except that you are right for that role. You may already have a good starting point, but it ends there. After that comes a lot of work”

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Un post condiviso da Lily-Rose Depp (@lilyrose_depp)

In power, both are right and if the competition were played cleanly and approached in a healthy manner with decision makers free from manipulation, it would be a perfect world. And we are not just talking about the fashion world.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios