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In the corners of Milan Women’s Fashion Week 2024

What do the insiders think?


Everything seems to lead to one certainty: times have changed. Accomplices Chiara Ferragni excluded from all shows, the decrease in social noise, the tireless rain of a Prada Thursday and a Gucci Friday. And first of all the interest in fashion: that in the heart of the city of fashion begins to wane. The atmosphere is different. The streets don’t know about fashion and the days go on without anyone noticing. 

Without economic data in hand, the Milan Women’s Fashion Week of February 2024 seems to give the first signs of subsidence. After the period after the lockdown that responded energetically to the blow launched by the global pandemic, the first to notice this negative decline are the protagonists (or at least some of them) behind the scenes. Taxi drivers, bartenders, restaurateurs, concierges, normal people.

"People are always there. We don’t complain. What surprised us is that this week there was no more than usual" comments Tommaso, waiter of a historic bar in Porta Venezia. "The reasons can be many, with the rain people do not want to be around. Fashion has become even more exclusive and has remained bread for the teeth of a few. Or more simply, with everything that happens in the world and in our house, interest has dropped" he adds.

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Andrea, 47, a 15-year-old taxi driver in Milan who has been working twice as hard as the last three months, is not of the same opinion. "We work more depending on the area where the day’s parades are concentrated. For example, yesterday we were all towards Prada, today all towards Gucci". Is it that the age-old problem of finding a taxi in Milan if the demand decreases feels less and are all happier? "We also load and especially normal people, who place themselves outside to intercept some famous character. Who is now what everyone likes? Jacob something?" (Elordi ed.). 

Among the beauty trends on the catwalks, the colors of the season that the mass market is looking forward to replicate, hotel rooms and homes on Airbnb seem to confirm the trend: all available. Finding a room for two adults in the center is not so difficult and the costs are not even skyrocketing (213 euros for a room in San Babila). "But how do these go around?" a girl watching the scene of an improvised photo shoot at the foot of the Indro Montanelli park. Nervousness allowing, in front of Prada, an audience of Italian and international marketing and fashion students await the stars of the moment. "I am here for the clothes I like but especially for celebrities, guests...". As you wanted to prove, it pulls more a Kylie Jenner than any designer boss.  

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios