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Nameless Festival, music for the planet

One name, many international artists and a very important mission: to reduce harmful emissions


From 2 to 4 June, the Nameless Festival took place in the municipalities of Annone Brianza, Molteno and Bosisio Parini. For the tenth year it gave us great emotions but also gave us the chance to believe in something innovative. 

But what was so special about this three-day of music? Let us try to explain it in a few words, although this zero-impact venture deserves more. 

The Nameless Festival was born in 2013 and, apart from the forced stop for two years due to the pandemic, it has always continued to thrive, hosting big names in electronic music and hip hop and attracting many people from all over Italy, Europe and America. The festival's main objective is to try to merge with the spaces that host it, enhancing their beauty and potential with an eye to the wellbeing of our planet. This year's edition, however, in addition to celebrating ten years, coincided precisely with World Earth Day, which was celebrated in the best possible way, that is, by caring and acting concretely. A real project, the“Trac eless-Mission zero impact” which not only confirmed the festival's long-standing desire for sustainability, but strengthened its mission with one of its four stages, the Igloo by Gcte spa, for the first time in Italy powered entirely by zero-impact batteries thanks to the“Tesya sgb”. 

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The other three stages, the Maine Stage, the Nameless by Molinari and the Live Stage were no less impressive, powered by latest-generation generators that also promised and maintained a low acoustic impact and surprising stage effects, in full respect of the environment with biodegradable confetti and solar and hybrid energy lights. 

Around the four stages a waste recycling system that invited and sensitised people to differentiate correctly, artistic installations created from waste materials, electric vehicles made available to the production team, dressing rooms and containers for artists and production powered by a solar panel system, and food and beverage areas with r-pet bottles and glasses. 

A concrete commitment that of the Nameless Festival, which kept its promises by truly dedicating the day to our planet. And it was not only respect for the environment and commitment that was touched upon but also, as usual, electronic music and hip hop in its purest form. During the three days that provided good vibes and non-stop rhythm, headliners of the calibre of Paul Kalkbrenner, Giorgia Angiuli, Will Sparks, Skrillex, Salmo, Hardwell, Benny Benassi, Il Pagante, Maddix, Greg Willen and many other artists blended with each other in performances that enraptured a huge crowd, making people dance, jump, smile with the awareness of being part of an innovative project, necessary for our planet.

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Unique. Some of the performances were particularly enthralling, explosive and once again the radio and social media witnessed this with photos and videos that left us speechless. And speaking of media and social media, let us remember that M2O was the official radio station, ScuolaZoo and One Take FM the official media partners, Est Radio the official Digital Partner and Believe the official hospitality parter. 

An event then, the colourful and lively Nameless Festival made up of people united by music and good and successful intentions. But Nameless is not just a festival. We can follow all the initiatives carried out also as a record label for emerging artists, with projects such as Timeless, a touring DJ set in streaming, or the idea that will be presented in October in Amsterdam: a house to host artists, producers and DJs and help them in their creative journey by putting a real team of professionals at their disposal.

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Nameless Festival has always and especially this year taught us that art, fun and entertainment should only have an impact on emotions and never on the planet.



Image Nameless Festival Press Office