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Is Morgan too much or are we too little?

Portrait of a tragicomic character


Morgan was a child prodigy, his first compositions on piano date back to when he was 9 years old. In the 1980s he studied classical piano at the conservatory and chose his stage name in honor of Welsh privateer Henry Morgan. 

His father committed suicide due to depression and debt. He also learned to play bass, began to write songs, founded Bluvertigo, dissolved Bluvertigo. He collaborates with Battiato, writes poetry, wins prizes, works with Edoardo Bennato. Reinterprets songs by Piero Ciampi, Sergio Endrigo, Umberto Bindi, Domenico Modugno, Gino Paoli. 

His biggest love story is with Asia Argento, they seem perfect to be together, two black souls, they fight, insult each other, Morgan declares to use crack, Asia denounces him and on him the news goes from being tragic to comic. 

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He composes soundtracks, writes books, does not pay alimony, becomes the judge of X Factor on several occasions, gives birth to children and continues to not pay alimony, signs as director a play. He gets kicked out by Amici, then becomes judge of The Voice. He often goes to Sanremo, and in Sanremo he drives his partner Bugo mad, leads on Rai 2 programs dedicated to music, participates in Ballando con le Stelle and after a few years returns again to X Factor, where before the program even starts it devotes a part of its compensation to an LGBTQIA+ association after homophobic phrases and does not finish it, of course he is fired.

How hard it is to be Morgan! He must be really exhausted! 

Stage name of Marco Castoldi from Milan, born December 23, 1972. From the date we understand all his personality. Capricorn: the colors of the sign are black, gray and dark tones, the symbol is the chimeric creature half goat and half fish, tenacious, ambitious, pessimistic and material... and then they say that astrology is bullshit. 

For a hair came into the world on the same day of the son of Christ, and if Morgan is defined as an egocentric think if he was born on December 24 what would be more than what it already is? But in the end who is Morgan? A pure being in the true sense of the word, is frank, too blunt, says what he thinks without any restraint, is naive, does not follow the rules of the game. In fact, he does everything to overturn them, and of this he enjoys, laughs, he thinks he is smart in reality smart are the others who manipulate him. But Morgan doesn’t care about anything except his point of view. 

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It could be called a chronic narcissus with a suicidal attitude. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t live in luxury, he lives in the luxury of his musical culture. But is Morgan’s musical culture so broad or is our culture in general so poor? He tends to isolation because with him "of tomorrow there is no certainty". If you invite him somewhere it is obvious that he may not show up or turn a religious service into a punk concert. Everyone knows, so they bleed him dry, and he gets milked like a dairy cow because he’s having fun. In a chat created by him, inviting journalists and commentators after the last kick in the ass he took to X Factor, he said that the winner of the just finished edition, Sarafine, was already destined to the team of Fedez and victory. 

Regardless of whether it may be true or not, it is impossible not to imagine his smile of satisfaction while holding the phone and typing the last "buttage" that concerns him, just to talk about himself, with the excuse of unmasking who knows what secret. A sort of comedy of television art that makes the victim the executioner and vice versa. Like a real kamikaze he explodes and not happy he does everything to drag into his crazy whirlpool those who are close to him, whether he is a colleague or the partner of the moment. 

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He also insults the public from the height of his knowledge and becomes unpleasant to the people to whom he would respond laconic "if they no longer have bread, they eat croissants". He’s not interested in sending Amber to the country during advertising, not caring about a certain education to be maintained among colleagues and does not spare her sentences an inch from the nose, not even caring about the fact that she is a woman. It’s more important to him what he’s saying than what he’s doing. He’s not interested in calling Fedez depressed because he thinks he’s telling the truth.


Non poche le discussioni tra i giudici nella quarta puntata dei live di X Factor, come ha fatto notare Ambra Angiolini: “Non è un bello spettacolo quello al tavolo stasera”, frase seguita dal “è bella la retorica della lacrima” di Morgan, fischiato dal pubblico. “Morgan, lascia parlare Ambra, ti chiedo questo piacere” l’invito invece di Francesca Michielin, che per tutta risposta ha ricevuto un “ti aspetta Ivan Graziani di là, sta collaborando con Annalisa”. “Basta, Marco” la richiesta di Fedez, ma Morgan ha oramai preso il via: “Grazie Fedez, mi fai da psicologo? Sei troppo depresso per essere psicologo”. E la litigata è continuata anche fuorionda tra Ambra Angiolini e Morgan. La scena è stata ripresa dal campione olimpico Gianmarco Tamberi, che si trovava tra il pubblico. Dalle immagini è difficile capire cosa si stiano dicendo, ma dai gesti è chiaro che il tenore della lite è molto alto: alla fine della discussione Morgan si alza e se ne va.

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He has no control because he doesn’t want to have it. Morgan is not too much, is the system that is too little and any reasoning you can do about a character like him is already old when you do it. He is already thinking about what to do to be even more brazen and ego-related.

Yeah, it’s hard to be Morgan!



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios