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Milan Design Week: all phenomena

Furniture experts, engineers of the last hour and street designers. More outside the Fuorisalone.


The great carriage of the Salone del Mobile, just these days, is showing off its best smile on the streets of Milan

The ferment of the first day at Rho Fair was very similar to the reopening of cities post first lockdown. Except people wanted in instead of out. All there in a row, with their nice pass in hand, buyers mostly in suits ready to charge the international companies they work for. 

And if the business moves at the fair, in the center of Milan there is a buzz, always to quote an archaic term taken from the times of Covid. The Fuorisalone is the dream of Wannabes and students who can have an aperitif, possibly in a beautiful location, finally without spending a euro. 

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Parties, parties, events and events. But how are the people around the Fuorisalone? Nothing but the photography of Italian on social media, that if during the year is all-rounder, during this week is absolutely expert in design. 

They cite high-sounding names like Ettore Sottsass, Gio Ponti, Vico Magistretti, but here they stop. They carefully read the posts of @livingcorriere to get serious arguments at the aperitif and definitely go to the Unikko Bar to make some fancy Instagram stories. 

Clearly a book by Luciano Galimberti has never been opened but they know very well the MARKEDAD collection by Ikea and Virgil Abloh. By the way they think it’s still cool (the far-sighted have resold it in the first place). 

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The design expert goes to all the events because he has many PR friends and these days he also dresses a little conceptual, awkwardly imitating a Japanese minimal with the Uniqlo sales. 

They don’t even know Margiela’s Tabi design story, but that’s another story... And for sure, an Instagram story to this shoe, in life they made it. 

In short, design is first of all logic and utility, a discipline that supports man thanks to ingenuity and has little to do with aesthetics. 

Yet here it always seems to be all appearance.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios