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MAUA: the electric bike is 100% Milanese

Made in Buccinasco, near Milan. MAUA bicycles have a sophisticated and technological aesthetic. All you need to know:


MAUA, tech company focused on mobility, was born in Milan in 2016 from the idea of Matteo Frontini, an engineer with a project manager for an English aerospace company. He has always wanted to bring to Italy a product that would satisfy the needs of the people who, during the pandemic, rediscovered the bicycle as a means of urban transport, making the value of sustainability prince. But also the desire to make the company young, obviously thanks to the staff who work 24 hours a day.

MAUA bicycles are characterized by the hidden battery. Where is it? In the frame. The will is that it is a product that lasts a long time with a range of 50-60 km. Together with the bike, customers have at their disposal the magnetic charging connector and the on-board controller, that with the two LED indicators it is possible to view the battery charge percentage and the 5 speed levels that can be adjusted using the dedicated keypad. Finally, thanks to two lighting systems, front and rear, it is possible to use it both day and night.

There are two types of bikes weighing only 14 kg: the “Double Diamond” with a robust and comfortable design, and the “StepThrough” the lowest and lightest model, to satisfy every taste and priority need.

A USB port is included in all products to recharge smartphones or any other electronic instrument. There is also a dedicated geolocation system, via a SIM CARD active in 178 countries around the world and 400 mobile networks.

In short, MAUA products are designed for a more sustainable future and this is only the beginning of the change, so that the city of Milan (and hopefully all the others soon) can be kinder to the environment.

Images: MAUA 

Production: Acrimònia Studios