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The startupper is fashion: here are the rules of its look

From Wall Street with fury. Thanks to Zuck today everyone can dress like a young billionaire. The gap still to be filled? Really be


It is common to measure the professionalism of a person, especially a man and especially in the financial field, also through his look. Who moves the money of the world we imagine in a suit and tie, constantly polished lace-ups, earphones in communication with the world stock exchanges, firm look and a prominent English speaker, possibly British accent.

Despite the Zuckerberg effect, it is still difficult to give confidence to a guy in jeans and Converse, especially in Italy. Fortunately, however, the magical world of startups, which through international incubators has also taken root in our country and in Milan specifically, is apparently changing the game.

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In reality, what appears to be a customs clearance is nothing more than rewriting new rules. The startupper type between a networking aperitif under the Bosco Verticale and a team building making pots with clay, must close the famous rounds of funding and must do so in a very precise way.

In this context, the Patagonia brand should thank the above Zuckerberg effect. Also in Milan, public opinion on this subject is clearly divided and the tension is cut with the knife: "Have more white t-shirts with the brand logo or more vests been sold?". And above all: "Which of the two is most indispensable for the role as a Forbes Under 30 with a couple of startup assets that wink at sustainability?".

Analyzing the issue at the root should return in May 2012, when the creator of Meta set foot for the first time on Wall Street. He’s looking for investors, too. At the time it did not make so much of a sensation that a young man not yet thirty years old had managed to list his company on an international stock exchange, but that he had the audacity to take this step wearing a sweatshirt.

Financial analyst Michael Pachter in Bloomberg called Mark Zuckerberg "a disrespectful, immature boy". Yet the boy has come a long way.

Since 2012 a little 'road in this sense has made the whole world that, thanks to the enfant prodige of Silicon Valley, He had to reckon with their willingness to clear the rules of an anachronistic etiquette.

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Un post condiviso da Patagonia (@patagonia)

And, if the old money aesthetic remains an Instagram trend, the new startupper fashion dictates in the glass offices of Piazza Gae Aulenti and outside, creating an imaginary aspirational for himself and for all those who would like to make easy money with a brilliant idea.

The look becomes a generational clash so much to make even the Harvard University uncomfortable with some research, even translated into a phenomenon called: "Red Sneakers Effect", or the effect of the red tennis shoe.

If, ideally, a simple red Converse does not cause a sensation, it can cause havoc in a complete and formal department of a renowned banking institution. However, it was also noted, always through committed and demanding studies, that those who tell their rebellion to the system through clothing have a greater chance of being heard.

In a world where any blue jacket simply represents a number, perhaps a red shoe can represent a thought.

Summarizing, then, what the look of the perfect startupper consists of: Patagonia vest, impeccable English screamed at the earphones and red Converse.

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios