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Lily of the Valley: a capsule collection born between MOGIcaffè and ALBERTA FLORENCE

When the coffee break goes from a moment of pleasure to a moment to reflect


With a square shape, unusual and exclusive, the soft and relaxing colors of the pastel shades used for the design, “Lily of the Valley”, a set of ceramic coffee cups, is a project born from the union of two strong personalities: that by Giulia Mondolfi, mind and heart of ALBERTA FLORENCE, and by Monica expert agronomist and leader of MOGIcaffè.

The two brilliant minds of these strong women have given life to a collection that not only reflects both the cornerstones of the creators but that goes to launch a message.

In fact, the stylistic choice has a very precise idea and design behind it, the flowers drawn on the cups symbolize the fragility and strength of women who, like lily of the valley, are always able to be reborn, even in too often hostile environments.

All this because together Monica and Giulia have decided to dedicate 25% of the proceeds of their capsule collection to a non-profit organization that deals with women victims of violence, “Per Milano Onlus”.

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The lily of the valley imprinted on the cups of “Lily of the Valley”, however, represents not only strength and fragility but also serenity, a plant that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Plant that wants to represent a new beginning and a hope for change, just as the two designers wish a new beginning to all women.

You can also contribute to the change by purchasing “Lily of the Valley” for sale online on the website at the price of 22 €.



Image: MOGIcaffè e ALBERTA FLORENCE Press Office