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My favorite lip pencils are both low-cost

What makes a lip pencil ideal for us? There is no universal rule, but in the world there is a perfect lip pencil for each of us. We just have to find it.


There was a period of my life, definitely pre-mask, in which I made a point of honor in finding the perfect lip pencil for me. I wanted one that was a constant, that I could use every day without thinking about it when I was in a hurry, knowing that I would not be wrong.

I was looking for it almost the exact color of my lips so as not to be too visible when I used it on the edges, but at the same time with a pinch of extra color to inject a little life into the face.

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In short, the perfect lip pencil is a very personal search, it depends on our skin color, the color of our lips and the undertone they have. Some of us have a lot of blue on the skin that lines the lips, or rather inside the lips, others of us have almost colorless lips, others still have more pink and naturally pigmented lips.

No one else can do this research for us, because what is the "perfect nude" for some will be a color that is too light, too dark or too gray for someone else.

I don't know how many “lip color pencils” I've tried over time, but let me say that all the great classics of the beauty community have passed through my hands over the years: Mac's Spice, Subculture and Boldly Bare: check; Rosewood by Dior: check; Nude Beige by NYX: check; Angel by LimeCrime: check.

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I tried them all, used them all, but none of them were my color. Too pink, too gray or too yellow, none were right. But finally one day the discovery.

I was wandering aimlessly in front of Laura Mercier's counter when I catch a glimpse of her: Natural Lips, one of Laura Mercier's most famous lip liners. I couldn't believe it, finally perfection: the right component of brown, pink and yellow. I had found my lip pencil, and I could finally stop searching!

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But my rest did not last long, because sometimes fate is mocking and chooses to test your resources. The Natural Lips lip pencil today seems to have disappeared from the market, swallowed by a black hole, disappeared from the face of the earth.

Mine gets shorter and shorter, and I can't find a spare. Every now and then I see it appear on some semi-unknown e-commerce, only to be out of stock when I try to buy it.

In short, it would seem that what every lover fears for their favorite products has happened: Unfortunately the product has been discontinued I read in black and white on a site.

The word of no return.

Again point to head. The search restarts where it left off. Mac soon offered me a very good alternative. Not quite the same as the defunct Natural Lips, a hint less nutty, but still quite similar, I'm talking about Stripdown, another great classic.

Perfect for a slight overline, a very natural color on me and almost imperceptible its presence: in short, the effect I want. But it's not Natural Lips. And then you know, curiosity is getting stronger, and prevents me from resting quietly.

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I have to look again, I know that somewhere out there my new Natural Lips is waiting for me, and I just have to discover it, pull it out of the beauty nook in which it is, hidden by dozens of other "nude" shades and take it home with me.

And one day in fact, that's exactly what happened. Not once, sir, but twice! These below are in effect my two favorite lip pencils of all time, except for Natural Lips of course, have I already said that?

And the nice thing is that they are both "drugstore" pencils, that is, they have a very low price, just a few euros each. Before I reveal them to you, however, I warn you that I have made an exception to my rule of "no stocks of beauty products", and in this case I already have my small supply of both, I am not afraid at least for the next five years.

NYX Professional Makeup Lip Liner in Natural color.

This is probably the one that comes closest to my natural color, and its nutty component makes it look plausible enough to be mistaken for lip color.

It is a classic temperable wooden pencil, super cheap and perfect for a light (or not light) overline and to "fix" the contours of the lips where the pigment is more hesitant, as in my case. Perfect under any lipstick, just the right softness and not bad duration. For a few euros, we can't ask for more.

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Wycon Long Lasting Lip Liner in 07 Tan.

This lip pencil is super writing and is fixed resisting for several hours, perfect with any lipstick, on me it is perfectly balanced in color, neither too pink nor too gray. Excellent for the overline and very blendable. In short, this pencil has only merits.

Of course I know these colors won't be perfect for all of you, quite the opposite. But both lines offer different options, in the first case with NYX you have to indulge yourself, and in both cases they seem to me well thought out and well conceived colors to go well with various skin undertones, so mine is an invitation: if you are also engaged in this research, try to find where I looked for.

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If I'm not mistaken, is it also a golden rule of archeology, or perhaps of the search for truffles? Now I don't know exactly, but what I'm trying to say is that where there is a treasure for me, there is likely to be one for you too.