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Relaxing at the Staycation in Estatunno for a beach holiday in October

How to exploit climate change without feeling too guilty


According to the prevailing and favored narrative of many media deniers, the climate of these days, the 30 degrees recorded in many cities, are fully normal. And in fact everyone remembers the lines at the toll booths, the clogging of the Florence-Sea, the crowds at the ferry embarkation to Sardinia, which every year in mid-October are shown by the main news.

For those who have a different approach to reality and start to worry seriously about the abnormal temperatures of what should be autumn - although the leaves have not yet started to fall -, there are some equally valid but otherwise effective alternatives to deal with the situation. Since staying at home to get bad blood reading the first pages of Libero, waiting for it to become colder with the plaid in hand may not be conclusive, you could hypothesize to turn a crisis into an opportunity, taking advantage of the warm and unusual climate of these days differently autumn for a short beach holiday.

At first, it might seem like a cynical choice with little environmental awareness but... But if you already had environmental awareness, it will not be three days at sea to make you forget: you will know how to make amends for the small hedonistic failure, continuing to behave virtuously. If you didn’t have it before, you won’t have a problem and enjoy the beach without any remorse. It doesn’t even have to be the beach.  Following the new trend, observed in this period at the Bit 2024 in Milan, of the Staycation (ok, it doesn’t sound great, better Proximity tourism), you can dedicate a few days to the new trend that aims to explore the beauty of your region or neighboring territories, to discover little-known destinations, support the local economy, spend less and pay attention to the environmental impact of travel.

Of course, those who live in a region overlooking the sea can make tourism nearby splashing in the still warm waters of the Mediterranean, while others will have to settle for the lakes and pools of the farms. The choice of the coast where to taste the last remnants of Estatunno must in any case take into account some important factors to maximize the pleasure of the even short holiday (short because holidays and funds you played them in August, hasty tourists!). Meanwhile, it will be better to focus on southern Italy, if not Spain, to be sure not to find yourself, a beautiful morning, to find that the weather has normalized and that outside there are 8 degrees, while the only garments you have put in your hand luggage are tank tops, tops and shorts. Another parameter not to be underestimated is the short duration of the light period: between sunrise and sunset the hours of sun have reduced, so the pleasant swims at 19.30 may no longer be in the list of possibilities. For the same reason, that is to say for the unexpected early arrival of the sunset, it would be reasonable to identify a locality with some inhabited and populated city centre even at this time of year, so as to build an alternative and a complement to the yet pleasant beach life. And if you find a beautiful accommodation overlooking the sea, also equipped with a beautiful terrace from which to admire the early sunset and where you have a rather robust wifi, even better.


So, are you ready to go to the Staycation in Estatunno?


Pictures: Marco Squadroni

Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios