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The stylist who reveals the stars

Susanna Ausoni’s looks have made and continue to make the history of television and music


What do Annalisa, Francesca Michelin, Laura Pausini, Elisa, Mahmood have in common? The passion for music? While Michelle Hunziker, Virginia Raffaele and Silvia Toffanin? The passion for television? 

The answer is, in addition to Susanna Ausoni, yes. 

Not only a stylist but also a transformist, not only an image consultant but an entrepreneur, not only a lover of style but a writer, Susanna is definitely a mix of energy, creativity and a pinch of madness, and since the 2000s, one of the most famous Italian stylists

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For those who grew up having a snack in front of the TV on MTV you can not forget the looks of Paola Maugeri, Camila Raznovich and Vittoria Cabello signed Ausoni and definitely unpredictable, more Anglo-Saxon than Italian, bizarre outfits, bold and always attentive to the physicality of the character so as to characterize a well-defined profile.

You do not hear the most requested stylist of the moment and lie because in reality it is so and it has been for many years. Being a Scorpio it hides behind the tail and its sting, to use it later.

"Fortunately they are not the most requested of the moment" says "the amount of work must be well distributed because creativity is not an assembly line, so there is room for everyone".

The stars, though, basically undress all of them. Yes, the undress, because first they just dressed and then with Susanna they become elegant or fake casual, caste or sexy. Never obvious. 

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For her fashion is the daily meal, no wonder it is so repetitive and cyclical, "it has always been" highlights laconic, and even when she thinks she is tired and exhausted she is fascinated by the projects that lead her to challenge her creativity and take a small step forward. It is a great triumph for the ego to see every time one of his "well dressed" gets on a stage or comes out in some cover

Susanna loves her job and couldn’t do anything else, she says, even if she does. In 2022 he and Antonio Macinelli wrote a book on fashion and the secrets behind the creative process. A simple book that shows how stylists today are the real rock stars at the expense of designers. 

And for years Susanna has also been the owner of My Room Vintage Shop, a shop in the heart of the Cinque Vie in Milan, a magical box where you can find iconic and designer pieces maybe worn by some stars

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Not only that, Susanna is also a mother, and when I ask her what her dream is in the drawer, she answers: "I dream of places, countries, ice creams and the hands of my daughter Ava who smells of candy".

To the question: "Who will come after you? Hope in the very young?" rambled "I don’t think I’m Attila... grass will grow and maybe even a flower."

"What are you missing right now?" "Time to do yoga".

So it could come out a children’s line and a line dedicated to yoga or for children doing yoga. It might be a good idea, but imagine if Ausoni has not already thought about it? It seems to hear his voice commenting: "What a banality!".



Illustraion by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios