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The revolutionary collaboration between Feng Chen Wang and Nike: technical clothing with a craftsmanship touch

The collection that combines tradition and innovation for a sustainable lifestyle


The designer and collaborator of Nike, Feng Chen Wang, is revolutionizing the world of sportswear with her new collection that celebrates craftsmanship and innovation in design. Employing cutting-edge engineering methods and customization, Wang has created technical clothing that blends traditional elements of sportswear with a unique touch.

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A versatile and sustainable design

A highlight of the collection is the iconic Transform Jacket, inspired by Feng Chen Wang's mantra: "owning less is owning more". This jacket features removable components that allow for the creation of over 30 different styles, promoting a more sustainable and versatile lifestyle. Wang demonstrates that less can truly be more when it comes to fashion.

An innovative mashup of cultures and design

The collaboration between Nike and Feng Chen Wang is an extraordinary fusion of cultures and innovative design. Breaking traditional conventions, this collection redefines sportswear basics, creating highly functional pieces that incorporate various cultural elements. Wang's layered approach and distinctive craftsmanship merge seamlessly with Nike's innovative methods, resulting in clothing that transcends gender and age boundaries.

A dedication to experimentation

The Feng Chen Wang x Nike collection reflects both the brand's and the designer's dedication to serving the future of athletes and sports enthusiasts through experimentation. This collaboration offers functional design that transcends boundaries, catering to a variety of needs. The Transform Jacket is the standout piece, embodying Wang's mantra and offering unprecedented versatility to adapt to all the challenges of daily life.

Global availability from September 28th

The Feng Chen Wang x Nike collection will be available worldwide from September 28th on, SNKRS, and at selected Nike retailers. This is a unique opportunity to embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation in the world of sportswear, with a keen focus on sustainability and versatility. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this revolution in sports fashion.



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