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The beauty of “slow” skincare

The saying “less is more” works a bit for everything, even when we talk about skincare routines. Discover with us the advantages of the concept of minimalism applied to skincare.


When you take your first steps in the world of skincare, it’s easy to get carried away by emotions: you feel overwhelmed by the amount of options available to you, by the shelves of products, to the endless variations of the most famous ingredients. And it is easy to get carried away by the frenzy of knowing as much as possible and try as many products our face can tolerate, ending up buying much more than we need to take care of our skin.

I remember that initial enthusiasm, when I discovered the existence of retinol, acids or peptides, the curiosity to buy, test, try. In recent years, in my skincare I have adopted a style almost opposite to that of the beginnings, this is because with the experience and with the passage of time you understand better what we like and what not, but also because the initial frenzy has given way to a mold approach more “minimalist”, with a routine that doesn’t contain at the same time too many active ingredients, that is not composed of 11 steps, and above all that does not take away too much precious time to my sleep - each has its own priorities, but remember that sleep is called “beauty sleep”  for a reason.

This new approach led me to get closer to a specific type of cosmetic brand. These brands are usually characterized by a narrow range of products, aimed at cleansing, protecting, nourishing and hydrating, the four pillars of a good skincare. It is almost always an extremely well-designed brand, cared for, attentive to production and raw materials, but also to the environmental impact.

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Perhaps more “evolved”, we could say, in terms of collective awareness and already started on a path of less environmental impact. Often these brands adopt a “slower” style, and choose not to chase after the latest trends in the market, the most fashionable ingredients and packaging, but move on all other tracks, putting attention to detail and great attention not only to the ingredients, but also for the surrounding environment.

This style and rhythm are very similar to those I have adopted in my skincare routine, for which today I prefer to use a few products, but chosen with care. I like to think that carefully selected ingredients mixed in formulas rich in restorative substances, moisturizers and antioxidants, are a better way to safeguard the general well-being of my skin, which is increasingly at the center of my attention: more than dark circles, wrinkles of expression, pores.

Thanks to The Indie Beauty Shop, an Italian e-commerce dedicated to an organic cosmetics and eco-friendly, with an extremely careful selection of Italian products and more, I discovered two brands that quickly became part of my favorites, for all the features mentioned above and also for the versatility of the products that struck me. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know by now that a good multitask product around here is hugely appreciated.

The first of these brands is Oppidum France, a relatively young company that produces in France using ingredients from organic farming and that has for this reason the Cosmos Organic certification. Oppidum creates vegan cosmetics: solid detergent soaps, luxurious oils and balsams with a silky texture, all equally usable on the face and also on the body.

Among all the products, there were three that immediately caught my attention: detergent soap, skin conditioner and Absolu Neutral Eye&body Oil. This line has been designed for all skins, but especially for sensitive ones.

It is perfect both for intolerant skins, which react to any other product and for skins stressed by prolonged use of the mask. A peculiarity of Neutral Absolu in fact is the total absence of essential oils, which can be a potential trigger for allergies, inflammations or skin reactions, making these products potentially perfect for everyone.

Neutral Absolu products are composed of a mixture of delicate and effective ingredients, with a nourishing base of jojoba oil and shea butter, combined with extracts of white lily, evening primrose and cotton, able to moisturize, repair and at the same time protect the skin. The Absolu Neutral solid soap cleanses effectively but without being aggressive, and can be used on face and body, making it a perfect solution for those who are looking to reduce the purchase of packaging and plastic packaging, since it is contained in a paper envelope.

Neutral Absolu face/body oil is a delicate and nourishing oil, perfect to be applied in the evening when your face is a little bit damp, as a single step of skincare, perfect for a beautiful massage to the face if you use gua-sha or other tools.

I like to alternate it with Absolu Neutral Facial Balm, which I apply in the evening at the end of the skincare, above my serum, to seal the hydration: I take a small amount and warm it up in my hands, until it turns into a light oil to dab on the face, lips included.

The latter product in particular is also perfect for the day, to replace the highlighter: for those like me does not like to apply too shiny or glittered illuminating during the day, for their effect too visible in sunlight, tapping a small amount of a balm or solid oil on cheekbones and eyelids is an excellent alternative that I recommend you try.

All Oppidum products are contained in a minimum secondary packaging of cardboard and the bottles are made of glass, with wooden caps. In addition to the Absolu Neutral line, these same three products are available in two other lines: Bois de Rose, rose wood, moisturizing and nourishing and Ecorces & Graines, bark and seeds, antioxidant and restorative.

Try, if you want to minimize your skincare routine: you will find that your skin already knows exactly what to do. What we can do for you is give you a little outside help, with quality ingredients and products made responsibly.

But what is the second of the brands that I discovered? Stay tuned!

We’ll talk about it soon!




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