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Jimmy Choo / Eric Haze curated by Poggy

A unique initiative that combines fashion, technology and art.


Jimmy Choo takes the first step in the world of digital art and gaming, thanks to the strategic partnership with UCOLLEX. These are two NFT (non-fungible tokens) initiatives, the specialty of the leading innovative digital entertainment platform UCOLLEX. These are unique and protected pieces of digital data.

A one-of-a-kind auction and 8,888 Mystery boxes available on the Binance NFT market are the end result of the long collaboration with the leading New York artist in contemporary designer Eric Haze. The result is an incredible fusion of art, fashion, and street culture.

Up for grabs for the winner of the auction on Binance NFT a limited edition of sneakers by Jimmy Choo and a canvas signed exclusively by Haze. The Jimmy Choo Foundation will allocate the proceeds to Women for Women International, an association that helps war-torn women rebuild their lives.

This initiative combines three different brands, three cities and three different points of view to create a unique, iconic partnership.

Credits: Jimmy Choo Press Office