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Interview with the Agenzia Stanca team: the Instagram page whose tragicomic flair has driven insiders crazy

The background behind the success


For insiders, it has become customary: @agenziastanca post content on IG, someone reposts it, someone shares it privately, someone comments on it by tagging colleagues, someone else prints it out and places it in front of their PC to cheer themselves up and remind themselves that “we are not saving the world”.

We intercepted the team of “tired” to try to understand more about it and hoping for some spoilers about new projects.

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Un post condiviso da AGENZIA STANCA ® (@agenziastanca)

Hi, how did the idea come about, by whom? How many people are part of the team?

The idea was born in March 2021, during the second lockdown, by someone who had been working in a communications agency for years. The intuition came when, after months of smartworking, we realised that certain sayings and terms were part of a common language in the world of communication. Aggregating them within a humorous and ironic container seemed the perfect solution.

There is a bit of “Boris”culture, to coin a new term, in Agenzia Stanca. How strong is the influence that TV series or other forms of satire on performance society have had on the project?

It works exactly as it does in advertising: everything around us influences the community. From TV series, to TikTok, to the trends and memes of the moment. Then, what happens “outside” (although in reality we are always catapulted into a screen) is interpreted by those who have the creative direction of the project.

The book “Ti metto nel loop”, which I admit I haven't read yet, is published by Mondadori. How does one go from an Instagram page to a book promoted by a publishing giant? Did the reality meet or exceed expectations?

Thank you for your sincerity 😂. Mondadori Electa is always looking for editorial formats on which to build storytelling and Agenzia Stanca was a perfect fit. I thank them so much because they believed in the community just a few months after its birth (the contact took place in summer 2021).

In fact, I invite you to read it because it is a light story, it makes you smile and it tells of slices of agency life without going into too much detail about the characters. For now...

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Tired shoppers, tired posters, tired calendars: merchandising done and over. What's next? A film?

Top secret! 

A question you have never been asked?

Has anyone ever asked to work for Agenzia Stanca? The answer is yes, often!

The tired sentence you/your favourite?

This question is beautiful because, at the end of the day, the page is also fun for those who run it. Personally, all of them read with a specific intonation. Right now, for example “uellaaa half-day today?” is one of my favourites!

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Un post condiviso da AGENZIA STANCA ® (@agenziastanca)

What will happen in the agency tomorrow?

I would answer more in communication: there will be a very visible generational change. Today we still do consulting with clients (and colleagues) “old shool” and the detachment is felt because they are not always familiar with new media, new languages and new formats: “how much does an influencer cost more or less?” is proof of this.

When the Millenials are the new Boomers, there will be more proximity to Gen-Z. Because, even if we are mocked, we are the middle generation who, therefore, can have an integrated and broader vision. I think that's one of the strengths, by the way, of the page.

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