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The waltz of creative directors

Pierpaolo Piccioli leaves Valentino after 25 years: there are those who come and go. What is happening in the fashion world?


Update 28/03/2024 15:0

As I wanted to show fashion, more than Milan, not stop. Alessandro Michele, ex Gucci, will land on April 2nd at Palazzo Mignanelli, Rome, as the new creative director of Maison Valentino.

Can we bet now on Pier Paolo Piccioli from Chanel?

Good luck to all!


Let’s face it: there’s a lot of movement in the fashion world lately. Doors that close and open continuously, wind currents that risk collapsing castles of cards well built after years and years.

Starting from the beginning, what does a creative director do in a fashion house? He decides the line, the philosophy, the values that that brand pursues. He manages the style department during the collection, but also the communication department for the creation of advertising campaigns. In short, the creative director has an important role: he is the creator of success or lean for a brand.

The last two to fill the pages of newspapers were Dries Van Noten, who leaves the helm of his brand and Pier Paolo Piccioli who leaves that of Valentino

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Francesca Milano Ferri on Elle writes that: "every passing of the baton in fashion is managed as a phase of mourning". And indeed it is true because last week nobody could only think of a Valentine without PP, or so they said.

In fact, to date, with the Planet Earth that has continued to revolve around itself and around the Sun, despite the news, the toto names of those who will replace it becomes incessant and at the top of the charts comes the name of Alessandro Michele. Even Romano months ago left Gucci in the hands of Sabato de Sarno. There too he cried out in scandal, yet today de Sarno has earned his place in heaven.

Another beautiful similarity is given by Federico Rocca on Vanity Fair, describing the Fashion Planet as a grand hotel. Some come and some go. As Walter Chiapponi remained at the helm of Blumarine for only four months.

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It would be worth spending two minutes to understand why the fashion game is managed as a game of monopolies after Christmas lunch. Why don’t you give creative people time to formulate their idea and water it day after day so that it blooms? Are the upper echelons the problem or the public that, or immediately respond by buying, or must have new stimuli?

Because at the same time, who remains at the top of a brand for years is so mythologized that it disappoints its following when it decides to embark on a new adventure? And finally, that same sequel, in the end, is more related to the brand or the creative mind of a captain?

What is certain that fashion, despite everything, still plays well with fantasy football.

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios