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The meanings of our most frequent dreams

Dreams have always aroused a special charm. In ancient times, people relied on figures who had the task of predicting the future through dreams, obtaining omens and omens.


Many popular beliefs refer to dreams as bearers of luck or misfortune. From the interpretation of Freud’s dreams to the Neapolitan grimace, dreams have always been the object of attention, more or less scientific.

Cinderella sang: "Dreams are desires... of happiness..."

The hell! 

Unless one is a chronic masochist it seems that the most frequent dreams are: fall, drown, go back to school, lose teeth and other very nice anxieties. 

A study carried out by the website ThePleasantDream has tried to identify the most recurring types of dreams that, in fact, resemble more nightmares than desires...:

  • Fall into the void. Don’t tell me you never felt your leg suddenly moving, a bite in your stomach and the feeling of falling? Here it seems to be one of the most common dreams and is obviously associated with not feeling supported, safe and reassured. 

  • Back to school. Here you are among the benches, with the papers hidden in the sweatshirt and the anxiety of the question. It means that you don’t feel up to the role you play and you feel you still have something to prove.

  • Death of someone. You are not a murderer and you don’t usually want that person dead, but you are simply burying a relationship, you are moving house, you are making relationship changes to someone. 

  • The partner who betrays you. It may be a wish, perhaps to get you out of the way, but it seems that most of the time it is linked to the lack of trust of the people around you. These days I say "necessarily!" on the other hand "trust is good, not trust is better".

  • Falling teeth. Dreaming of losing teeth often has to do with your physical appearance. It could indicate that you do not have a balanced relationship with your body and that your appearance is for you cause stress. The fear of getting old, a sudden weight gain, the way others look at you.
@nina.ergo.sum L'interpretazione dei sogni di #freud🌈 teoria rivoluzionaria e nonché titolo della sua opera! #sogni #filosofia #psicologia #perte #foryoupage #profdifilosofia ♬ suono originale - Nina.ergo.sum

And the list is getting creepier... drowning, forgetting things, not being able to talk.

According to the theory of emotional processing, dreams, including recurring ones, serve to process emotions and experiences experienced during the day. When we experience negative emotions or stressful situations, our brain may try to deal with them through the dream process. Recurring dreams may represent attempts of the mind to resolve or integrate these emotions. In other words, anxiety and fear in the day, anxiety and fear at night. Of course you can never be calm.

We advise you to dream, yes, but with open eyes. Take a break, sit in a comfortable area that will relax you of your home, there is also light a scented candle, put a song you like, Also pour yourself a glass of wine and breathe deeply and think about the most beautiful things you have done or want to do. Think positive, inhale joy exhale the ugly that surrounds you. Go to bed and try to see if your mind has influenced your dreams

It does not work if instead of a glass of wine you make the whole bottle. In this case we are not responsible for your drunken dreams, which surely would be more fun than those mentioned above. 



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios