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Independent brands and the rediscovery of the local

Here's how our priorities have changed with the pandemic


We have already talked about the big brands and how they are re-emerging from this surreal situation, the possibility of returning to minimalism and how jewels are the only true and intelligent purchase to face, in this period of crisis, but now also of restart.

This time we will try to understand how independent brands have faced this change and where the real key is, to be able to get up stronger and more aware than before.

They say that Italy is the country of culture and handmade. With our hands we shape everything, from pasta, to pizza, to the meticulous spinning of a fabric and then to embroidery or the production of handmade shoes.

Every Italian object is born from the hands. Expert hands, which over time have aged and are probably lost. In fact, few have passed on the craftsmanship to their children.

The virus has slowed down our lives, forcing us to rethink our size, from being able to travel, move and move to remain within four walls, in our small town and region.

We have started to reconsider essential the small grocery store under the house and all those services that we previously preferred to have in the city center or digitally. A real relocation of the necessary. Small brands, ateliers, independent brands, artisans will be those who will rethink new simplicity rules tailored to the local customer.

We have therefore chosen to tell you about four realities that have made craftsmanship and local the strongest identity characteristic:

Voodoo Jewels

This brand was born from the need to free the jewel from its aristocratic idea, bringing it to a stronger and more rebellious form, linked to concepts close to the world of nature. Livia Lazzari, designer of these small and precious talismans, reminds us through her creations of the importance of the relationship between man and nature.

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Shipping all of yours Orders, after a lot of work, always makes me feel very good 💚 #VoodooJewels .

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A brand born to tell different types of femininity, not excluding anyone. Sandals with or without heels, decorated or not with different applications, which emanate positive energies, inviting you to take all the roads that every woman desires.

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NEW IN: Sandali in 100% cuoio e i primi con cinturino! Per correre, saltare, ballare e andare in bicicletta💖per me e per “tutte quelle come me” sempre in movimento #mialmamilano #madeinitaly

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The bag brand was founded by Nicola Massardi and Domiziana Bertelli. In addition to their love for art and fashion, they have rediscovered the beauty of Italian handmade and the strength of forms that can come to life from creative hands and minds. The brand's mission is to maintain exclusivity through a circular economy that minimizes material waste.

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The new micro size, BOLLA MICRO collage . . . #new #newcolor #newmodel #bag #nidobag #pastel #leather #handmade #madeintaly

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The brand defines itself as dreamy-to wear, and it is through hyper-feminine lines that accentuate the body that this characteristic is perceived. The colors bring us back to a sparkling freshness, which accompanies us in each proposed collection. The impeccable tailoring is manifested in the accentuated volumes and soft silhouettes that recall an Italy of more carefree times.

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Vanilla Sky - fall|winter 20|21 - photography: @raffaele_cerulo styling: @erikabarutello grooming and hair: @isabellaavenali model: @ella_eckersley

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The hope is to start again from the beginning, because what has left us this pandemic is a society to be rebuilt from the foundations, appreciating the slower time and the work done with patience and dedication. From the small craftsman or designer who cares about the identity and ethical values of Italian savoir faire, which has always distinguished us in the international fashion system market.